Glue @ The Horse & Groom, Shoreditch, 20th Nov with Peo de Pitte!

This month Glue have a very special treat for you as we welcome the huge star, Peo de Pitte, to our humble little event. Peo has been making huge waves across the dance scene in recent years having arrived in London from the land of saunas and Ikea, relocating from Stockholm to the capitalís grimy streets. Since then heís played every major venue in town including Fabric and MoS as well as toured Australia, played in Spain, Germany, Slovakia and not forgetting a triumphant return to Sweden. All this plus heís mean producer with a huge list of awesome releases on a range of labels, his biggest hit to date being his unparalleled remix of ĎRiversideí by Sidney Samson, which has clocked up over 75,000, a major achievement in this day. So whether youíre a Glue veteran or virgin we donít think youíre going to want to miss this.

Along with Peo de Pitte we have Twisted Kitten who are returning to Glue after their stunning debut in the summer, so if you want your night started by a mash-up of thumping dance tunes, indie remixes and a dash of credible pop get top Glue early and catch the Kittens in action!

Also joining us is Airplays, his show on Brap FM is a perfect mix of house, dubstep, breaks and a dash of funk and hip hop so expect the same as he plays Glue for the very first time. And last but not least his our superstar resident DJ, bump, who needs to further introduction.

As usual you can check out all the details on our myspace along with links to all the DJs' pages -

Then visit the facebook event here -

And remember it's on the 20th November, 9pm to 4am, at the Horse & Groom in Shoreditch, London. Remember the venue's free before 10 so get there early! Though if you do miss out it's only £4 after which we think is a small price to pay!

Full Lineup:

Peo de Pitte
Twisted Kitten