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Thread: SimpleCast set up and broadcast instructions for shoutcast server

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    Default SimpleCast set up and broadcast instructions for shoutcast server

    SimpleCast broadcast settings for dubplates radio (main server settings)
    Copy the details as shown in the image attached below

    Server settings Port 7544 Encoder 96k 44100khz Stereo

    SimpleCast free download

    SimpleCast full details connecting to shoutcast server.

    Set up Encoder for SHOUTcast Server

    You have set up a streaming server the next step is to create an encoder that can supply the streaming server with a source stream.

    Click on Encoders button in SimpleCast
    In the Encoders window click on the ‘+’ button (add encoder)
    Select MP3 and mp3PRO and Click OK
    Note: You may use the legacy ACM MP3 encoder but it is not recommended. Configurations below for MP3 and mp3PRO encoder apply.

    MP3 (PRO) Encoder & Streamer Configuration
    On the Converter tab

    Set Quality to Medium
    Under Format select the format that matches what you purchased from your stream host provider such as
    Check Auto Start encoder after 5 Seconds
    Uncheck ‘Allow scripts in stream’. Note: This will cause problems with stream.
    Server Details tab

    Server type is SHOUTcast
    Server Details
    Enter Host in Server IP field
    Enter Port in Server Port field
    Enter password in password field
    Station Details Tab

    Type in your Station Name
    Select the genre from the drop-down box or type in your own.
    Note: you may type in more than one genre comma separated.

    Type in your website URL
    Enter AIM ID (optional)
    Enter ICQ # (optional)
    Enter IRC Channel (optional)
    Check ‘List on public station listing (recommended)
    Note: this will list your station at

    Check ‘Enable title streaming’ and be sure that $combine$ is in the field below ‘Enable title streaming’ to display titles.
    Click OK
    Your Encoder should now say ‘encoded (#) and streamed (#). Setup SHOUTcast Statistic Relay

    The final step is to create a Statistics relay for the streaming server.

    A statistic relay simply grabs the current status and viewer count from each server, reporting the details to SAM. Without a statistic relay, SAM will not know where listeners can connect to listen to your music and it will also not accurately report the count of listeners connected to your stream.

    Additionally, without valid statistic relays your station will not show up on This means you will not get any extra exposure and you will miss extra listeners coming from the AudioRealm portal and partner sites. For more information on listing your station at click here.

    Click on Statistics button in main window of SimpleCast
    In the Statistic Relays window click on the ‘+’ button (add new relay)
    Select SHOUTcast Statistic Relay, click OK
    Enter SHOUTcast server details.
    Enter Host in Host field
    Enter Port in port field
    Enter password in password field
    Click OK
    Statistic Relay should now say ‘Active (OK)’

    SimpleCast broadcasting live to dubplates radio.
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    think this needs updating ;)

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    got a problem with my vdj 8 Broadcasting
    before i was using winamp with shoutcast plugin and streamt my music to secondlife
    now i m using vdj 8 and i putted in my config data but it always says broadcasting error resolving server not possible or
    not connected
    so i rent a stream a secondlife with stream data and i got a radio station active at myradiostation
    what data i have to put in to vdj 8 now sl stream data or my radiostation data

    Lookin forward for your answer

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