In today's Pop/R&B music genre, some of the top 40 recording artists are beginning to sound measurably alike and lacking the bridge to creating that brand of their own. With Billboard greats such as Beyonce', Rhianna, Katy Perry and major others, there is no need to duplicate an already signature sound.

Pop/R&B recording songstress "Kitarah" brings her own vocal sultry swag and performance expression to the masses with her new charismatic dance single "Erratik" now available on iTunes. Kitarah is no stranger to the music field as she has been playing piano since she was a young child, had a passion and voice for becoming a recording artist by mirroring some of her influences such as Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys and other female icons.

Most recently her passion came into fruition with the production genre mix of Pop/R&B and a hint of spicy Latin flavor which is deemed to resonate with people who want to get up and dance to her groove and mimic the lyrics in her new catchy song "Erratik." She inked a deal with CEO Luis Medina of KutRoc Records earlier this year whose label already worked with Platinum selling producers and award winning engineers with a hit release.

Her busy schedule includes post production of her new dance video for "Erratik", a October 11th, 2010 performance at Times Square NYC on The Real Radio Show who have interviewed icons such as LL Cool J and Taylor Dane, interviews with affluent magazines, other radio shows and has several upcoming bookings.

Kitarah's music style blends well with her contenders on the top charts and it will not be a surprise to see her name rise to the competitive list of who's who in Pop/R&B music. Listen to her music at: