RIDIC009: Vize - R U There

Release: October 05, 2010

01. R U There (Original Mix) PREVIEW
02. R U There (Quadrat Beat Remix) PREVIEW
03. R U There (8*B1Ts Right Behind You Mix) PREVIEW

Vize makes his debut on Ridiculoud with a dirty, bouncing track made for those who like a little bit of filth in their sets. R U There slams in with a nasty, electro bassline and continues building with some wicked synth programming and precise editing. Second, Quadrat Beat handles the first remix, emphasizing a driving and raw bass to create a dynamic and heads-down groove. Finally, 8*B1T takes a trip on the wild side with pumping bass, stutter synth lines, and some fun effects to remind us all what nu-skool used to sound like.

Feedback for this release can be found here: http://www.ridiculoudrecords.com/ind...=1_24_RIDIC009

This package is available now exclusively at Beatport and will be available everywhere else November 2nd!

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