Due to popular demand the album is now available to buy digitaly at http://eschaton.bandcamp.com/
We have a small number of ceedees left aswell see the url above or http://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/asp/default.asp for audio clips and details

This album is a collaboration between Eschaton from the UK and Parallel from the US.
A meeting of minds, a collage of two different sounds that
meet in the middle, somewhere between dusk and dawn.
The title originally reflected the fact that while working on this LP it was
always morning for one of us and the evening for the other.
A theme that's worked it’s way into the individual tracks as the ethereal ambience and
fractured rhythms evoke a sense of connection with the ‘other’, the
deeper side of existence that mankind ponders as day becomes night and
night becomes day.
This release comes alongside a free 4 track download Ep.....details of which are available here >>>

I hope you all continue to support Digibeat Music with this release
If you do, I wish to thank you in advance