Exotique is an eclectic instrumental music album with strong middle eastern tribal influences mixed with soft harmonies and dub styled rhythms. The electronica music flits between the soft romantic approach, infused with beautiful piano and guitar in the style of Mike Oldfield and Edgar Froese instrumental music, and intriguing tribal percusions, beautiful serpentine bass lines and flute and guitar tones.

RamsayGee treats us to exotic instrumental music soundscapes filled with oriental harmonies and throbbing rhythms that occasionally caress us with the softly paced romantic space music atmospheres and ambient overtones of flute and percussion from the Arabic world. There are hints of Patrick O'Hearn and Al Di Meola here, and this is an intriguing electronica music album with a beautiful mixture of instrumental music and space music styles. Definitely an Exotique offering of tribal electronica music from RamsayGee.

Available now from http://www.admusiconline.com as MP3 and Flac.

01. Eastronica (5:04) 02. Sentinels of the Sea (4:52)
03. Soar (7:17) 04. After the Storm (6:15) 05. Origin (4:47)
06. El Cielo Chispeante (6:12) 07. Gardenias & Myrrh (7:31)
08. Tatsu Dansu Dragon’s Dance (5:46)
09. Fire in Your Eyes (6:21)10. Soul Friend (8:20)
11. Walking Within (8:02) 12. World Peace (5:27)

(Total album time 75.57)

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Available through itunes and other online stores from 15th October 2010

Music: http://tinyurl.com/24arsm4