The flow of hot filthy Subtribe stuff continues.
Suko is a producer belonging to Downbeat Prod, Tricked Out Rec., Subtribe Rec., Waveshape Rec, Ruff n Fresh Rec. He comes from the South of Spain, Seville.
He has been nominated for Best Breakthrough Dj and Best Breakthrough producer at the Spanish Breaks Awards. One of his important productions was Mic Recka on collaboration under the album "Universal Sound" on Tricked Out Records (USA). Jesus Corona aka Suko is becoming a big national and internaitonal producer litttle by little. He has made tunes with people such as Omar Santana, Anti-Science, Firefarm. His tunes has been played by people such Stereo:Type, Jay Cunning, The Magnet Men. And on different radio stations such as Ibreaks, Nubreaks, Kissfm and Breaksfm. One of his last releases was "Malignum" & "Bloodthirsty Hunter" under the label Downbeat Production (USA).

We are proudly present his new single "MORE & MORE". Hot and amazing tune which will break up all the people on the dancefloor and will make'em dance!
Single also includes really big remixes. The work from UK-based project FIREFARM with their smashin remix you've probably heard! Added vocals making this tune really big!!! Check the promo video below. And remix from of resident of Subtribe Records - QUADRAT BEAT - producers from Latvia and now based in UK. You already know all about these guys. They don't need any representation)
We hope this release will make you eat your shorts and dance more! More and More!


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MIXMAG Review:
This’ll take your head off
The pioneering Russian filth label returns with more obnoxious bass and ridiculous noise. Firefarm have managed to harness a really good song from the Spanish new comers original, that will have the crowds push fists in the air and burning down over priced, under staffed corporate coffee houses in no time. Brace yourselves.

"liking all versions, Firefarm remix is a top notch slammer!"

"liking the firefarm remix!"

Daniela Dows:
"i think i really dig the firefarm mix. it's a little harder than i'd normally play, but its pretty bonkers. thanks all!"

Far Too Loud:
"Subtribe coming with a slammer of a release again. Good production level on all 3 mixes...can't decide on my favourite!"

"Firefarm remix is so fucking hot!!! Absolute banger!!! Total support from me.Quadrat Beat remix is cool too as usual. But Firefarm is doing the business this time. Awesome track."

Bill Vega:
"Firefarm remix for me!"

Access Denied:
"liking original and firefarm remix! will supoort these!!"

John Grief:
"Quality release once again from Subtribe - you just dont let up!! Some good filth action goin on in this release - The original slightly tips in my favour as it just that little bit heavier and filthier! Although props go out to the Quadrat remix too - would probably play that on another occassion."

"Really liking this, it's the Quadrat Beat that stands out for me with their trademark pumping beats and twisted bass but all the mixes are pretty nice."

Dave No Hands:
"yo firefarm remix is banging! love it!"

"Firefarm rmx & original for me yeah! Subtribe kicks ass!"

DJ Ratling:
"nice one firefarm mix for me big ups"

"Nice! All 3 mixes are working for me!"

Inconspicuous Villain:
"This is proper filth!!"


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