YellowFinger is proud to present to you, Superpolitik, aka Nathan of Trickery Collective. A thumper made for dancing shoes that will keep the cobbler in business. Remixes come from two names that have many years in the game. Essex's own Curl & Dean bring you a progressive breaks monster and Vandal supplies an anthem of stomping beats and lush synths.

9/10 Recommended in IDJ magazine.



Lee Martin (Dusted Breaks) - Superpolitik's original is ace! Heard that first and thought Couldn't get any better could it?? Err..YEAHH!! Vandal's Remix is pure genius and that man is once again at the top of his game!! Curl & Dean.....easily their best work to date too! This package overall is the best yellowfinger release yet.

Liz Melody (BWEI) - Original is great, Curl and Dean's remix even better (my fave thing they've done so far) and the Vandal remix is simply outstanding. Nice wan 8)

LuQas (Dead Famous) - Big production on the Vandal remix, I'm diggin the Curl & Dean remix the best though - very cool.

Youthful Implants (Flextone Recordings) - These are nice, especially digging the vandal remix.

Mobius (APE, NSBradio) - All over the Vandal mix of this, huge stuff!

Bounce (NSBradio) - Superpolitik - I Could Dance (Vandal Remix) IT WILL BLOW THE DANCEFLOOR !!!

Carl Loben (Westway) - Vandal's mix is massive. Strong release.

John Grief (Definition Breaks) - The Vandal remix drops it quality on this release - with a proper hands in the air breakdown for the old skool crew. Good track.

Mr Nohands (Air) - Big up vandal!

Scott Remedy (NSBradio) - Vandal mix is a monster!

The Scientifics (VIM Records) - A solid package with great remixers. I'll play and support for sure......

Ben&Lex (APE) - HUGE Remix from curl & dean this

Fartooloud (Funkatech) - Vandal remix is tight! Curl and Dean remix got some nice sounds going on too.

Lazyboy (NSBradio) - Curl & Dean - dope proggy break vandal - nice summery anthem feel, bit of nasty synth sets everything off nicely

Danny Reject (Rejected Rocstars) - Another fine release from YFC! It's all about the remixes for me. Curl and Dean take things nice and deep and Vandal makes great use of the original riff and turns in a nice uplifting number!

D*funk (Up:Start Music) - Def support from me on the Vandal mix. Massive. Love it!

Sidel (YellowFinger) - Vandal's remix hooks at the 1st listen ;)

Yreane (XSSR) - As usual Vandal makes release excellent for me. Awesome remix from Sam. Full support.

Daniella Downs (Dead Famous) - Holy fuck. the orig is ok, but not as much my thing. the curl and dean one is pretty decent, but the vandal mix is absolutely immense. like 10/10 immense. jesus win.

Bob Kickflip - Tidy big room breaks from the man like Vandal!