After previously releasing a superb remix of 'Jinx ft Brainz - Big Fat Ass' on YellowFinger, we now give you an original from this upcoming producer. Deep rolling tweakness that will mesmerize the crowd.

On the remixes we have a variety box.

Jurassik - Supatronix head honcho, with his bassy, bleepy, brushy rollercoaster ride & Lady Packa The Spanish Breakbeat DJ of the year, with her elegant, groovy builder. Mobius with his skippy twisty variation & Home Alone spins an old skool on a mission roller.



Lee Martin (Dusted Breaks) - Original and Mobius mixes have both been played by me. Nice release

LuQas (Dead Famous) - Nice set of tracks here - my faves are the original and Home Alone. Big ups!

Scritch (NSBradio) - The original packs quite the punch and I like what Jurassik has done with it as well, but the Home Alone version is just plain filthy and will receive full support in my Burning Man sets!

Deckwrecker Mark (NSBradio) - Prato - No Way (Original Mix) Its breaks but with a brilliant superclub pill head rave sound.

Youthful Implants (Flextone Recordings) - The Home Alone and Mobius mixes are really doing it for me. good stuff!

Dads Disco (NSBradio) - All four versions of prato-no way are high class releases FACT


John Grief (Definition Breaks) - Good little package - but by far the best mix is the Mobius one - with proper energy fuelled beats and a phat bassline that mix wins hands down for me.

The Scientifics (VIM Records) - Massive release! Original is great and ALL remixes are top class!!

Scott Remedy (NSBradio) - Definitely feeling the Original and Jurassik mixes. Keep up the great releases, Yellowfinger!

Ben&Lex (APE) - Feeling the vibes on the Mobius and Home Alone Remixes.

Fartooloud (Funkatech) - Liking the Mobius remix best...nice growly bass action.

Yura (Breakbeat Selecta Show) - Almost perfect remixes from Mobius and newbies Home Alone. Especially the second one - moving on from psy trance to nice breakbeat! biggy upz!

Lazyboy (NSBradio) - Original - mellow tripped out groove, Jurassik - summer anthem groove Lady Packa - awesome tune. Love the build through the whole tune, defo will be getting play from me as well mobius - yummmoh! complete surprise at the first drop, different but VERY fat indeed Home Alone - teched out madness - rave!

Danny Reject (Rejected Rocstars) - Top list of remixers, but its the Mobius mix that stands out for me. Crisp beat and sweet b-line, and great use of the original hook. His best work to date imo.

D*funk (Up:Start Music) - Another cool release. The Jurassik mix is prob my fave with its cool bass & bleeps. Also diggin the Lady packa mix for a nice warm up number & the gritty charm of the Mobius mix.

Inconspicuous villian (NSBradio) - Prato - No Way (Original Mix) Perfect blend of old school meets nu skool!

Yreane (XSSR) - Like this "No Way" track from my friend - Prato. Also nice remixes from Lady Packa and Mobius. But the track of the package is Home Alone for sure. Quality! Would like to have breaks version of his remix.

Daniella Downs (Dead Famous) - Home Alone mix is very good. i'll definitely play that, as it has warehouse vibes all over it.

Bob Kickflip - Liking the warpy bassed rejig from Mobius!

Elgieff (NSBradio) - The Original of the Prato one. fucking love it. That Pink Floydish synth, spiral beats, the funkified change up, the tweaky acid? The whole package, will see many plays from me. Mesmerising is only the half of it!