My name is Andy Mosse and Im part of a small team making a new observational documentary about Cannabis for BBC3.

We are very keen to talk to a wide range of young people who use the drug and are passionate about it. We are posting on a variety of forums of different groups to see if there is anyone who could help us out. Whether you smoke it for medicinal reasons or just for fun and relaxation, Id be keen to hear from you. Im also looking to speak to home growers or even guerrilla growers who grow small amounts to provide themselves and friends with a supply so they can cut out the dealers.

Our film will explore what its like to be a young cannabis user in Britain today. We want to show the truth, and not the usual stereotypes that other parts of the media often portray. Hopefully with the help of genuine users, growers, and other young people who smoke cannabis recreationally we can reflect more accurately what the ups and, admittedly in some cases, the possible downs of using cannabis can be like.

I can assure you this film will be intelligent and thoughtful. We want to give young cannabis users the chance to have their thoughts and feelings expressed in a fair and balanced way. Im also aware that when it comes to filming some people might prefer to remain anonymous, which is certainly something wed be happy to consider given the legal situation with growing and using cannabis in Britain today.

We will be filming later in the year. Right now Im very keen to hear from anyone who wants to know more about the documentary and is happy to share their personal experiences with me. Let me stress, however, that having a chat does not mean you have to take part in the actual programme.

Feel free to PM me here. Or email: or my direct line 0117 974 7461.