i downloaded a back up copy of cubase and it was a bin file and cue so i was not sure how to use it for windows but i found this useful program called magic disk it allowed me to mount the cue file into a virtual drive and everything worked perfect after that it was just like i had inserted my original cd.

Option #1 (Windows 2K/XP/Vista/7)
1.Download MagicDisc which is a freeware, ad-free, spyware-free software by clicking here. http://www.magiciso.com/tutorials/mi...c-overview.htm
2.Install this software and you will now see a icon in your system tray (bottom-right corner of Windows)
3.Right-click on the icon and choose Virtual CD/DVD-ROM -> E: No Media -> Mount… (Note: On your system E: may be substituted with another letter)
4.An Open file dialog will now open, choose the image file you would like to mount and click OK
5.Thats it! You can now access the files by navigating to the drive letter in Windows Explorer

Its that easy just download the correct version for your operating system