World Mixing Championships DMC Finals London 2008

The DMC World DJ Championships 2008 are being held on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th September at IndigO2 in London. International heats are taking place now, across the globe, and if the UK competition was anything to go by, once again standards have been ramped up a notch this year.

This year's UK heats are done and dusted; the finalists travelled to Islington Academy on 17th July for the DMC UK DJ Championships and after a hard fought competition, DJ Skully was crowned the winner. Placing first in the competition means Skully is now set to represent UK turntablism in the solo DJ category and will compete against the cream of the global DJ crop at this year's competition.

Skully first shot to prominence in the year 2000 by being the first DJ to win the UK Battle For Supremacy, an offshoot of the main championships where DJs compete head to head rather than in sequence. After winning that and the UK Finals in 2002 he went on to win the Diesel U Music Award for Best Scratch DJ before focusing his attention on his music production and mixtapes. Having come 2nd at the World Finals twice before, this year Skully definitely has something to prove.

Representing the UK in the Battle for Supremacy - a head to head scratch battle of wits, techniques and braggadocious ability - is DJ Switch. This young turntable wizard has stood up to the competition and emerged victorious for 3 years in a row now retaining his dextrous deck dominance since 2006. Needless to say we're expecting big things from him this September!

The World finals mark the culmination of months of fierce competition in countries across the world including Japan, USA, Australia, Canada, across the whole of Europe and all the way out to China, Brazil and even Bulgaria � the winner here in September is the best of the best, period.

The recognition that comes with being at the very top of their game is what all of these participants will be fighting for, but of course there's also the small matter of some seriously desirable prizes including the coveted Technics gold turntables (like the world cup for scratching - they're just harder to lift over your head!). There's also a $10,000 cheque from Ortofon and a whole host of other prizes including goodies from Calvin Klein's ck IN2U and clothes from Drunknmunky.

The Championships have been running for 23 years now and have helped launch the careers of a galaxy of stars from the DJ world ranging from early winners like the UK's Chad Jackson, Scratch Perverts and Cutmaster Swift to legends like Q-Bert, C2C (4 x DMC World Team Champions), DJ Ca$h Money and Beastie Boys DJ Mixmaster Mike through to new names like DJ Craze, DJ Netik and last year's German winner Rafik who played showcase sets at all the UK Heats.

The event is famously sponsored by Technics and Ortofon with the only turntables DJs are allowed to compete with being two Technics SL1200s (armed solely with Ortofon needles).

Contestants have just six minutes to do their impeccably choreographed thing, with DJs in recent years reaching way outside of conventional hip hop and featuring rock, house, drum and bass and folk in their complex, cut-up routines.

This year's event is hosted by DMC favourites' MC Trip, Killa Kela, and Billy Biznizz. MC Trip was awarded the Time Out accolade of 'Best Live Show of 2004'. He is explosive on stage and is Killa Kela's official MC/right hand man. To date he's shared the stage with Busta Rhymes, Outkast and N.E.R.D.

Price: 15.00

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