Klashnekoff (K-Lash-Nekoff) is one of the UK’s most formidable rappers, artists and live performer.

Respected amongst the British and global Hip-Hop scenes his mainstream fans are as varied, ranging from the likes of Rio Ferdinand to The Arctic Monkeys and Pete Docherty.

Born and bred in Hackney, East London he exploded onto the scene in 2004 with his first single ‘Dago Mentality’ followed by his debut album ‘The Sagas of Klashnekoff’. The classic single ‘Murda’, taken from the album, received commercial and underground radio rotation.

The album also featured songs such as ‘Zero’ and ‘All I Got’ on which K-Lash established his lyrical diversity, displaying a range of styles from the emotional overtones of ‘Black Rose’ through to his unique brand of wit, wordplay and urban commentary. Over 30,000 copies of ‘The Sagas…’ have been sold in the UK alone followed in 2005 with the massive mix tape ‘Focus Mode’. This went on to sell over 20,000.

In 2007 Klashnekoff collaborated with Joe Buhdha which resulted in the ‘Lionheart: Tussle With the Beat’ album. With rave reviews in the NME, MixMag, The Guardian and Hip-Hop Connection to name a few the release exemplified his revolutionary rhetoric. The themes ranging from the introspection of ‘Rest of Our Lives’ through to the hard-hitting discourse of ‘Bit by Bit’ and ‘The Revolution Won’t Be Televised’ showcase a raw talent honed to perfection.

After a noticeable absence from the scene Klashnekoff is back with the highly anticipated ‘Back To The Sagas’ on Abstract Urban.

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Dirty : http://usershare.net/pjkta5h9kdyx
Clean : http://usershare.net/cvi52jp6v9v6
YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kp2Az9Gh5Hw

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Dirty : http://usershare.net/5u29or806mr0

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