Full Line Up:
Congo Natty [featuring]
Tenor Fly

King Tubbys HiFi [Powering Room 2]

Formula [featuring] Aynzli Jones,
Dabbla [&] Cobes

Don Letts [90 minute roots retrospective]
Speaker’s Corner Quartet

Sister Mary [Live PA]

David Boomah [Live PA]

Codebreaker 4.1

Boyson [Trinity]

Michael Groce [Dub Poet]

Disorda [Suspect Packages]

We Are Dubist

Granville Sessions

Crises [Rinse FM, Mindstep]

Trinity proudly usher one of their best-kept secrets to the forefront: Formula. This dance is dedicated to those who will be first to hear the sonic ingenuity of this enigmatic producer. Formula creates versatile, intricate musical compounds, as he actuates his armory of associate talents, through Jungle, Hip Hop, Reggae and Punk connects: Aynzli Jones, Dabbla and Codes, Congo Natty aka Rebel MC, Larry Love of the Alabama 3, Tenor Fly, Dubbledge, Tu Nyce, Eliza Strummer and more. This is the first salvo from his forthcoming album, ‘Living Complex.’ The ‘Elephant Dance’ and ‘Ground Up’ singles will be showcased along-side lyrical dart-spitters Aynzli Jones, Cobes and Dabbla. Check the animation on YouTube for ‘Elephant Dance’ and don’t miss the early outings of this future star.

Formula - Poster Boyz (dusty clouds)

Trinity are proud have brokered an alliance of two musical Legends. Under the terms of a recently ratified agreement, Jungle don Congo Natty aka Rebel MC joins forces with the Dub Reggae instigator’s sound system, Brixton-based King Tubby’s HiFi. This is the first outing under the newly formed alliance, which will see the Notting Hill Carnival stalwart sound system of King Tubby’s HiFi power the reggae and dubstep selection at Trinity dances. You know the names: Congo Natty aka Rebel MC, Tenor Fly, King Tubby’s - Musical Hi Fidelity is assured, so come and experience this powerful manifestation of unity in Reggae musical positivity.

Congo Natty Crew:

Tribute to King Tubby:

To crown the alliance, what better endorsement than the original Rebel Dread, Don Letts?

The man credited for bridging punk and reggae music through his DJ sets will offer up a 90-minute retrospective of roots reggae and dub music, powered by King Tubby’s HiFi. Renowned for his literature, poetry, film directing and for being an articulate social commentator, Letts is a man who has been influenced as much by the people around him, be them black or white, as he was by the music and the social events compelling the music that surrounded him. This has made him the London icon that he is today. Trinity seek to bless up the crowd with a visit from the Don.

Don Letts on the 'blues dance'

More live performance:

Speakers Corner Quartet
Speakers Corner Quartet over-flow with talent; masters of their instruments. Song-bird flurries, Jazz licks and Harlem heat. The immense gravitas of their sound has been endorsed by Herbie Hancock himself, as they supported the main man at the Albert Hall, as well as being regulars at venues on the South Bank. Speakers Corner frame their jazz overtones with steadfast hip hop beats.

Speaker's Corner quartet at One Taste's Festival ... re=related

Sista Mary [Live PA]

Sista Mary expresses honesty and reality through her lyrics that set her apart form the rest. On wax her harmonic structuring evoke strong emotions, as she expresses her ital Rasta beliefs and heightens her ever conscious stance. In the dance she has full mic control and is a truly talented reggae singer, having performed on the biggest Reggae sounds throughout the UK and Europe. New album showcase.

Sista Mary at Trinity Presents:

David Boomah [Live PA]

Junglist all-star, Drum n Bass number 1s over and over again – builder of the scene and without a doubt, part of Jungle history. Having released on Ebony, Digital Soundboy, Ganja, Pure Vibes and Congo Natty, his credentials remain as strong as ever. Boomah glides as easily over a Jungle tune as he does a Reggae riddim or Hip Hop beat, showcasing tracks from his forthcoming album.

Code:breaker 4.1
That’s one Junglist, one mic, one mixer and one music, cut for musical oneness. He’s like a preacher at the pulpit, spreading his controlled word through his lyrics, setting up the bass, tweaking the mids and tops to finely tune for you the congregation. He has had releases for Congo Natty, Dread, Formation and Buttercuts records, touring the UK and Europe extensively and being at the top of his game.

David Boomah & Codebreaker 4.1 at Glastonbury 2010

We Are Dubist

Moving from the airwaves to club doorways, hard work and love for their sound is pushing this crew and their ever-expanding night all around the biggest clubs in London, as they look set to spread throughout the UK. This crew is all about raw gritty subs, on point lyricists and vocalists, fresh dubs and tight mixes. Singer, Phoebe IronDread is fresh from the studio having voiced new Congo Natty productions.

Previous We Are Dubist promo

Michael Groce

Michael Groce. Poet. Londoner. Intrinsic part of Brixton’s history. Mr Groce demonstrates the power of the spoken word: uncovering and delving deep his experience as a formentor of societal change. On this night, he will perform a collection of his works that have seen him win accolades such as the Cheltenham festival and which have had extensive TV and Radio airplay. He is an erstwhile badman, utterly reformed character, community worker, motivating and inspiring youths about the paths life has to offer, encouraging and helping; building with those around him.


The Dubstep producer and DJ is a resident for the Vagabondz crew, who put on some of the biggest parties that span Brighton, London, Leeds and Outlook Croatia. He has been grafting and building his name with fire selection and tight mixes. Currently working with the Trinity Camp on the new Congo Natty album, he is fresh from a very strong set on GetDarkerTV and hotly anticipated by those in the know at the Outlook festival.


Dubstep cut from a different cloth, on some pure meditation, sub driven and firmly rooted in Reggae music, journey-man vibe. First and foremost an underground DJ, Crises can be found transmitting over the Rinse FM airwaves, pushing the sounds that he holds close to his heart through his Mindstep promotion engine.