Mixed by: Detach


Since 2008 and still the Subtribe Records label continue to bring the fresh vibe to the masses. During this two years the label opened a huge amount of new producers to the world scene: Quadrat Beat, BreakZhead, DaVIP, Guerilla Tech, Breaking News, Tony Awake, Boto, Noel, Grid to name a few...
So this time we've compiled all the best ever released on Subtribe Records including 2 unreleased tunes from Russian's "BreakZhead" and New Zealanders "Boto".
To the release of the compilation Detach has prepared a special mix. You can get it absolutely for free HERE

1.BREAKZHEAD feat. DANDYSKILLS - Harm [Subtribe]
2.BREAKZHEAD - No Pain No Gain (VIP) [Subtribe]
3.GUERILLA TECH - We try [Subtribe]
4.BREAKZHEAD - Turn Limiter Off (Quadrat Beat Remix) [Subtribe]
5.BOTO - Snakes Are Too Snakey [Subtribe]
7.QUADRAT BEAT - Commotion (DaVIP Remix) [Subtribe]
8.BREAKZHEAD - Wired Wasted Wanted (Guerilla Tech Remix With Gav Star) [Subtribe]
9.BOTO - Squid Eats Bear [Subtribe]
10.DaVIP - Space Mission [Subtribe]
11.BREAKZHEAD vs DETACH - Paranoid Vibe [Subtribe]
12.BREAKZHEAD - 101 (Arabica Remix) [Subtribe]
13.TONY AWAKE - Grey Sky (Arabica Remix) [Subtribe]
14.TONY AWAKE - Kiss [Subtribe]
15.BREAKING NEWS - Rush Hour (Quadrat Beat Remix) [Subtribe]
16.QUADRAT BEAT - Hula Funk [Subtribe]
17.BREAKZHEAD - No Pain No Gain (Quadrat Beat Remix) [Subtribe]
18.BREAKZHEAD - it's cold (arabica Remix) [Subtribe]
19.BIOS - On The Verge (Original Mix) [Subtribe]
20. NOEL - Volme of a Thousand [Subtribe]
21. NOEL - Circulation of the blood [Subtribe]
22. GRID - About you [Subtribe]

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Boto "Tentacle Wounds"
BreakZhead & DaVIP "Monster Rage"