Hello from across the atlantic! I thought as my introduction to the dubplates forum I would share with you our latest release totally FREE in the hopes that we can start a beautiful sweat soaked dance floor relationship!

TITLE: Love for Those Hustlers EP
LABEL: Bass Drop Music | Street Ritual
FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: 05/15/2010

FREE to everyone @ http://splatinum.bandcamp.com!

SPLATINUM’s back with more of that sauce on a 6-track devotional to the gangsters and the hustlers. The “hip hop obsessed” Seattle duo has been getting freaky with the samples and blessed it all up with their slippery signature frequency modulation swagger. Call in the mop boy for this one. Super sonic clean up in booth 3! Spam it, share it, love it, burn it, because thugs need love too!

Track Listing:

1) Love for Those Hustlers (Eazy-E)
2) Sipping on That Sizzurp (Three 6 Mafia)
3) My Posse is on Broadway (Sir Mix A-Lot)
4) Know About the Dirty South (Goodie Mobb)
5) It’s Bigger Than Glitch Hop (Dead Prez)
6) Vadonna’s Magina (Beyonce and Lil' John)