This go round Dead Famous and Dusted Breaks proudly present 2 wicked releases from B-Phreak, with a host of stellar, and yet, completely different remixes. If you like your head twisted, your feet glued to the floor, your mind expanded, and then destroyed like it was Armageddon, you will definitely find something that suits you on one of these!

B-Phreak – Wavy Gravy (Kid Kenobi / Duane Barry Remixes) [DF31]
OUT NOW :: at Beatport for the next 2 weeks, and then everywhere else afterwards.

After the success of the Dead Famous Remix LP, we’re trying something a bit different this go round. Stepping outside the proverbial dark acid drenched box, we @ Dead Famous are happy to present something a little more outwardly upbeat for the crowd that likes to move. First up, we have B-Phreak’s Wavy Gravy. Fresh of a string of recent well received releases, and a crucial remix for Mesmer’s Scarcity imprint, B-Phreak delivers what he’s most known for – hard ass techy breaks with a dash of drive, a smidgen of funk, and a giant helping of nasty. I’m sayin pull out the bowl of mashed potatoes, because it is indeed that type of party.

On the remix front, we firstly have Kid Kenobi, who has lately returned to the forefront of dance music. While championing a different sound than old breaks heads remember him for, it’s worth noting that the production on his recent big room house tunes is just the same, If not better than what some remember him for. Crafting a giant funky affair that fans of funky as it comes house will love, Kid Kenobi has definitely incorporated a chunk of breaks in this remix to keep the chin strokers happy. Lastly, label head of the stellar Digital Sensation UK, Duane Barry has delivered a remix that is guaranteed to make hands raise all summer long. Turning out a remix that is reminiscent in vibe of old Chable & Bonicci, and coupled with a main build and breakdown that is so massive it can’t even be described properly, Duane continues to push trancey breaks unlike anyone else.

Don't take our word for it, here's what others had to say about the Remix LP:

Karton "Original is nice and tough - DB's remix adds a nice proggy element without losing the energy. Can see both getting a play from us at different times. "

Mr No Hands / Mixmag "Kid’s remix is sicko ravey pants in the garden time!"

Far Too Loud "Original is a filthy filthy banger. Naughty. I like it."

Kultur "Duane Barry has created a marvelous remix, like always !! I will support both in my Kultura Breakz show in the next weeks and also in my live sets."

Kickflip "Yes yes, liking the big bendy bass original here!"

Carol Campos "The original is a true banger, very hard ass indeed! Like it a lot. But the one which is going to have more rotation on my case in the Kid Kenobi mix. Boy, I was missing his tunes! Played alongside him a few years back and was truly missing his stuff... :) Love his remix, a great mix of house and breaks, a transgenre bomb! Top production! "

B-Phreak – Shooked / Bulletproof (Vandal / Shut Up And Dance Remixes) [DBR020]
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Dusted Breaks are pleased to kick off their relationship with a producer who's studio seems to have moved to an industrial bulding site of late!!

Whilst Bernie has never been shy of tough beats and big bass, he has taken all he did in previous years and smashed it out of the park to bring on the heaviest gut wrenching beats and twisted teeth grinding basslines, that only the most hardened clubber will be able to take! Both Shooked & Bulletproof give you no choice but to play them loud and are both relentless in their ability to get yo ass up and dance! For the remix Dusted Breaks wanted something really special to compliment the originals and they don't come any more special than legendary producers VANDAL & S.U.A.D

VANDAL took on the job of remixing Shooked and moves for the more Electro Breaks sound, with a battering ram beat and awesome synth work that manages to shank the tailbones and metertarsals of the unsuspecting dancefloor!! S.U.A.D Basically took all of the original samples that Bernie had offered, screwed them up and threw them in the bin, in favour of bringing in the THE RAGGA TWINS and turning the tune into a broken dubbed up party banger that you will automatically recognize as SHUT UP AND DANCE!

Lee Coombs “Vandal Remix is slammin! Will use this for sure!!”

Splitloop "I like what the Shut Up and Dance guys have done with it, it's mental but really solid. Out of the package I like the original of Bulletproof best, closely followed by the Vandal remix of Shooked"

Run Riot “B-Phreak is HUGE! ALL about the originals for me - right up my street!!”

Drumattic Twins “"Im a big big SUAD fan but the Vandal mix Here is immense....Its like,,,,,its like Pete Tong,,,,makes me wanna go out.....”

Maelstrom "Quality ! lovin the SUAD mix and shooked original 7/10"