We are an up and coming Urban Music Radio site at urbannoize.com, we are actively seeking talented DJ's/Producers
of any urban music genre to host their own 2 hour weekly Show.

We at Urbannoize pride our selfs on our new and state of the art website which has some great features including:
- Chat Room
- Shout Box
- News
- DJ Panel
- Statistics

Urbannoize is only looking for dedicated and reliable DJ's/Producers to come on board, so if that's you? then here is a few things you need to know before you apply....

1. All Urbannoize shows are transmitted from your own studio/home direct to our servers via broadcasting software, which we can recommend to you after Registration.

2. You need your own PC/Mac with at least 2MBit broadband connection.

3. Also you will need a pair of decks, i.e. two turntables or CDJ's of any kind, a mixer and mic, we will also accept DJ's that use Virtual DJ or any professional mixing software or similar.

4. And finally a professional manner and attitude when hosting your live shows.

So, if that sounds like you? then we Want to hear from you!!!! - Please don't hesitate and sign up with us.

Admin Team @ Urbannoize.com