"Trance Techno Particles" by Xylote.com:

Xylote.com's sample pack includes elements from jungle, techno and house music.

Xylote.com released sounds and loops that can be used by musicians and producers to give some of the '90s and '00s grooves to their productions.

Xylote.com is offering Trance Techno Particles for a six months promo price of 19,99 EUR. Trance Techno Particles is perfect for beginners as you won't easily find a product of this quality at this price anywhere else.

Xylote.com is hosting a remix contest on their website. Starting from May 15, 2010 DJs and musicians who create the most original mix using samples from Xylote.com can be awarded of prizes like a Lifetime Membership or up to 500 credits.

The sample pack is on sale at http://www.xylote.com