bkp & One Man Army - Flippit - Dusted Breaks Records (DBR018)

Brett Patman (aka bkp) began producing Breakbeat in 2004 on a Yamaha RS7000, drawing inspiration and motivation to buy the unit after seeing a Whomp live set.
Years passed while Brett locked himself away in his room slaving away to produce mostly breakbeat and eventually receiving praise for his efforts from producers such as Dopamine, Beat Vandals, Nick Thayer, Bass Kleph and most of the Sydney Breakbeat scene.
His track 'Little Bit Closer' was featured on the 2006 Nuskool Breaks unsigned showcase and was well received by DJ's, producers and punters alike from all over the world.
Brett is also one of the faces behind the Sydney arm of the successful Perth based promotions/artist agency/label 'Destination?' which was originally founded by Signaldrivers.
Brett can be found playing behind the decks at his monthly 'Destination?' residency at The Cross supporting names like Groove Diggerz, JHZ, Koma & Bones, Miles Dyson, NAPT, Clive Morley and Dopamine. to find out more about bkp, check out his myspace page Here: bkp MYSPACE

Quadrat Beat are Sergey and Eugene Lobanovsky. They need very little introduction in the world of breakbeat and are fresh from playing an awesome set at the 2010 breakspoll awards! The project was born in 2008 when Eugene received a musical education. The brothers showed a great interest in breaks music and have started to search for their own sound. In May of 2008 they released their first track 'The Legend' which received many positive responses from DJ's all over the world! About one year later and they continued to make new tracks and many great remixes on labels such as APE Music, Subtribe, 13Breakz & Dusted Breaks! 2010 will see the brothers continue their great success, with lots of new material so keep em peeled for the boys from Latvia! Quadrat Beat MYSPACE

SOL8 (aka SOL and 108) met in Toronto and perform a mix of East coast North American and Japanese electro. They are young up and coming artists and they have a fresh new dirty electro sound that has been getting attention all over Tokyo. They can now be found in clubs like Womb and Seco in Shibuya.They opened the last Tokyo Underground party in Seoul and absolutely rocked the discoteque before even the main DJ, SONPUB reached the stage. Their next appearance in Seoul is eagerly anticipated! This is their first ever release as SOL8 and now they have teamed up with the same management as Eshericks, expect seriously good things in 2010 from these guys! SOL8 MYSPACE

J*O*K*R (aka Joe Kapiche & Ollie Rubicks) Formed In mid 2008 but it wasn't until the start of 2009 when we at Dusted Breaks snapped up 'Salad Shaker' & 'Dr.Oetker' that these guys started to get recognised as a seriously talented duo! We liked them so much, we signed a 3rd track called 'On Point' after only a brief listen on their internet radio show for Brap F.m! Those 3 releases alone, gained Support in the form of The Plump DJ's/Kickflip/Kid Blue/Generl Midi amongst others! J*O*K*R have also recently reignited their love affair with South Coast labels and have 'Snaggle Tooth' out on Kiss My Bass Records, plus they have a number of things up their sleeve for later in the year, so stay tuned to them, because the future is lookin very bright for the J*O*K*R boys! J*O*K*R MYSPACE


The Quadrat Beat and Sol8 remixes are upfront and ballsey!!! - THE CRYSTAL METHOD

Liking the Quadrat Beat and JOKR remixes. Both really funky! - FAR TOO LOUD (Funkatech)

Quadrat Beat Remix has been going down well over here in Oz - good stuff! - GENERAL MIDI (Distinctive)

It's all about the Original mix for me. Will defo play out & big support from me! - D*funk (Up:Start, Westway)

My favourite mix is from Sol8, phat punchy beats and a rockin
bassline. once again, full support from Germany!
- B-PHREAK (Westway, MOFO)

Ahhhh, this is fresh and funky! loving the JOKR remix!!! - ANDREA LAI (TCR, Mantra Breaks)

Sol8 remix for me.....like the dubsteppy breakdown.....and Quadrat is solid
as ever!
- LEX (Ben & Lex, APE)

Sol8 remix for me,keep up the good work! - MR NO HANDS (Air, Mixmag)

Lovin the Breaks/Dubstep mix-up in the Sol8 remix. Big piano stabs in the
JOKR remix too
- RUN RIOT (Rocstar)

Darn cool! Each mix has something different about it I really like! I will definitely be playing the Original out and about. - DJ CHAMBER (Bass Kitchen/Breakspoll 2010 Best New DJ Nominee)