battlefield bad company 2 i have been playing this game for a few month since the beta version came out and just last week i had major lag issues when trying to re-spawn or to do anything in the main menu. when i died i would need to keep pressing enter battle about 4 or 5 times just to get back into the game about 60 seconds the when i did finally spawn i would be getting attacked again it totally killed my game if you have had this problem you know exactly what I'm talking about.
So to fix it after trying everything in the book i found it to be my antivirus i was using avg free version after i disabled the resident shield the game was working perfectly again. For full details on turning of the shield and the risks read this
After playing just enable it again. Happy Gaming
They don't even have a fix for this on the official battlefield site or on steam so someone might want to paste this info up there but don't forget to give credits to this source.