Be Careful with following points while buying uggs:

I was going to post this up a while back so i hope nobody bought these horrid fake boots.
This guide will help you to buy only real and original uggs. The main tip is if it sounds like a fantastic bargain then they are most likely fake boots.

1) Usually, the stitching quality and the finishing design of the fake uggs is very meager when compared to the real ones. You can identify counterfeit boots by looking at the soles and logos. Soles of fake uggs are extremely rigid while the soles of the real ones are highly flexible.

2) Genuine ones are featured with much sheepskin fur inside the boots for fluffy appearance and warmth. Where as utility of ‘fur’ is quite less in fake ones and sometimes the fur seems to be slightly dull grey in color.

3) The heel portion is much narrower in replicas than the genuine sheepskin boots.

4) Fake UGGs often use contrasting colored threads against the sheepskin and the stitches are uneven, not straight, or frayed.

5) The shape of the front portion of the counterfeits is bit shorter while the front part of the real sheepskin boots has a rounder and longer finish.

6) One can find UGG label on the back of the real ugg boots. The printing styles of letters on the label may differ or may have some gap in between the letters. In authentic boots, the letters will slightly overlap each other.

7) Real UGG boots and shoes are made from Merino sheepskin which is one of the softest, yet strongest and most durable sheepskins available. The wool from Merino sheep is incredibly dense and provides amazing cushioning qualities, as well as wicking away moisture from the feet. Real UGG products use a double-faced sheepskin – the wool nestles your feet on the outside, while the durable hide is the soft outer layer.

8) If your elite choice is ugg classic tall / classic short, you should look at the bottom of the boot that contains the symbol ‘UGG’

9) Authentic ugg boxes are strong and sturdy. Usually, the words “UGG Australia” are printed in the middle of the lid (top portion of box). Recent 2007 ugg’s boxes come in a flip top box.

10) You can easily identify the replicas knowing its price. The cost of real boots is at least £140 (approx.). The price of ‘UGGS short’ and tall is at least £70 and £85 respectively.

11) Most of us don’t pay attention to the stitching on our shoes, but it’s a great way to spot the fakes. Real UGG boots and shoes are made with care. You’ll find that the stitching is the same color as the outer sheepskin. You have to look closely to even see the stitching. It’s also very even and precise.

12) Take a look at the sole of the boots or shoes. Do they seem extremely rigid? Is it hard to bend the sole of the shoe? That’s a good sign that you have fake UGGs. TheReal UGGs are made with highly flexible soles. You can easily bend the sole of a real UGGs – it bends with your foot as you walk, providing incredible comfort.

13) Real UGGs are a great investment that you can wear for years with little care. The imposters are certainly a rip-off. The shoes don’t add the same quality, comfort, or even styling that we expect to see from real UGGs. Carefully examine UGGs to make sure you get the real deal, and you’ll have boots that you love to wear.