RIDIC005: Refracture - Believe
Release: April 13, 2010

01. Original Mix PREVIEW
02. EK Remix PREVIEW
03. Yanix Remix) PREVIEW
Man-of-the-moment Refracture joins the Ridiculoud family for our fifth release with an epic peak-time bomb constructed to annihilate dancefloors everywhere. The original mix combines Refracture’s trademark lush atmosphere’s and catchy melodies with a growling, destructive bassline made for melting sound systems everywhere. EK cleverly reworks the main elements into a driving assault of tech mayhem while applying his signature funk-drentched bassline. Rounding off the package is label co-owner Yanix, whose progressive remix marries deep growling basslines with driving atmosphere.
Mobius (APE Records) - “Quite like the original; lush breakdowns as ever from Refracture.”
Duane Barry (DSUK) - “The original is nice and really has the Refracture sound but for me the remixes are where it's at - Yanix provides a fabulous uplifting interpretation whilst EK brings it deeper and awesome. Full support from me!”
Retroid (Morphosis) - “Yanix remix is very nice, will play it out! EK remix is also cool.”
Daniella Downs (Dead Famous) - “I definitely dig the EK remix.”
LuQas (Dead Famous) - “Nice one guys, support from me - especially the EK remix.”
Lee Martin (Dusted Breaks) - “Another really good release this one! Refracture can do no wrong in my eyes and his breakdowns and build ups are always awesome and no exception here! Yanix & EK remixes are awesome and perfect for my sets! Will probably play all three at some point, though.”
Kickflip - “Liking the EK remix the most for punchiness, but all do well for warm up/end of the night fodder. Nice work!”
Karton - “Package is solid, all tunes are ace. Original has a great vibe but the EK remix would have to be our favorite.”
Steve Maccabe - “It’s the EK remix all the way for me. Ace production and a wicked drop after the breakdown. Lots of energy, gonna go straight in my record bag for the weekend. This one is a winner! Did enjoy the Original and Yanix remix too; nice bassline and great work on the percussion in both tracks.”
Sam Hell - “Cracking release, your best so far! All mixes in the package are excellent. Loving the grand strings and overall 'big' sound of the tracks.”
Llupa - “Original - New artist, but the same driving breakbeat we've come to expect from Ridiculoud. Quite an epic, driving, almost proggy tune that just builds and builds.... Love the change up after the 5:30 mark - very cool - and then again at 7 minutes! 9:45 and worth every minute! EK - a more groovy affair that's like a concentrated dose of the original! Massive tune, like this a lot. Yanix - a much deeper take, taking full advantage of the proggy elements of the original. This'll work really well in my deeper sets. Another solid release - all 3 are wicked - full support here!”
High Eight (Re:Connect) - “EK Remix for me! Top tune! Will be supporting in my chart and on the radio show! Nice work!”
Freestylers - “All three mixes are great! Love the breakdown in the original mix.”
Vital Substance - “All about the original for me...love that melody and the sidechaining effects!! Wicked track...all over it!”
Mr. No Hands - “Great release, especially liking the EK remix.”

This package will be available at Beatport April 13th and everywhere else May 11th!
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