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Thread: anatomy of a kick - begginners guide

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    Default anatomy of a kick - begginners guide

    usefull guide i found online when i was starting out making beats .... only usefull as a guide for begginers realy but it might be what youre looking for

    Anatomy of a Kick Drum
    The house and trance kick drum is the most important drum for these genres and also one of the least understood. A good kick drum can be felt in the chest, has a noticable thump at the beginning, and has a low bass frequency tone at the end. Trance and house music vary the kick drumís mixing relative to the other drums and the bass. However, the basic formula for the creating a solid club-worthy kick drum is the same for all styles of dance music. The kick drum needs the following elements:

    A very short (5-30ms) mid-to-high frequency click sound. For this you can use a hihat, tambourine, rimshot, shaker, or another kick drum with the bass frequencies removed.
    A relatively short (300-600ms) low-to-mid frequency range punch sound. For this you can use a kick drum with a strong attack. You will also want to make room for the next sound (the tone) by removing the lowest frequencies of this sample. (So remove all frequencies below 30 Hz.)
    A longer (3-9 sec) sub bass tone. For this you can use a synthesizer-generated sine wave. Or, you can use a sample from the Roland 808 drum machine. In a pinch, you could also use another kick drum sound and remove all of the mid and high frequencies. It is incredibly important that you tune this element to match the key of your song. Also, you need to fade in this element over 50ms to 1 sec.
    If you arrange your layers in this fashion, you will produce a kick drum with a quick attack and lots of punch that is shortly followed by a long sub bass tone that really thumps. Now that you know how a kick drum is layered, itís time to build one for yourself.

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    didnt know there was so much you could do with a kick drum

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