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Jinx ft Brainz - Big Fat Ass (Farace's Dark Star Remix)

Jinx ft Brainz - Big Fat Ass (Prato’s Juicy Double Dub Remix)
Jinx ft Brainz - Big Fat Ass (Llupa's Hairy Crack Remix)
Jinx ft Brainz - Big Fat Ass (D*Funk's Stinky Hole Remix)
Jinx ft Brainz - Big Fat Ass (Access Denied's Rear Entry Remix)

Mr No Hands - Really like the vibes of Prato's remix and Farace is on fire!
Danny Reject - Nice one! Cheers guys! Wicked as always :) Access Denied for me!
Chris Bass Reflections - Solid remixes! Loving the Farace remix the best! Great job and keep up the solid tunes!
Bill Vega - D*funk for me, followed by Llupa an Farace mixes. Loved the original mixes and these are tip top also.
Dusted Breaks - Its a toss up between the Llupa & D*funk remixes for me and I think Doug's is more fitting for my sets, so will play that one out!
Mobius - Access Denieds take on things is the pick of the bunch for me here, nice stuff.
Curl & Dean - My first thought was you dont need more remixes of this tune, this will take it to 8 remixes and i liked the Groovediggerz remix so much nothing else could touch that.........But i was wrong...Yeah man really feeling Llupa's hairy crack !! (i bet you get loads like this), Nice and chunky and keeping it on a deep flow. Will be playing this one. Also really like Farace's Dark Star, again nice and proggy but with a bit more of a darker edge to it, will be playing this one as well. The Groovediggerz remix will always be the one i would play out of all the remixes but i will giving Llupa's & Farace remixes a spin for sure.
Yreane - Impressed with Llupa and Farace remixes. Will play them for sure.
Digital Sensations - Great package! Got Farace's remix on my show this week and I also love Llupa's remix. Full support from me!
Lazy Boy - Prato mix - Nice cool groove, gets the feet movin' - win. Llupa mix - Solid, classy all the way Farace mix - Tasty roller - cool trippy feel, but still kept it tough D*Funk mix - Tough and dirty. Access Denied - nasty! My personal favorite atm
Rican - Man! Love this release. I don't know which remix is my favorite as all of them rock. Each one brings a different flavor but in the same kick ass vibes. Love the names on the remixes too! That's brilliant.
kickflip - Loving Llupa's wicked teched out reboot! Also liking Farace's take on things, but Llupa's hit the big fat nail on the big fat head here. Nice one!