RIDIC004: Ghettface - Bang Your Fist EP

Release: March 08, 2010

01. Bang Your Fist PREVIEW

02. Freestyler PREVIEW

03. Keep The Change (Ghettface Remix) PREVIEW

After a short hiatus, Ridiculoud returns with an all new Ghettface EP. The title track “Bang Your Fist” brings a steady pumping bassline together with driving beats and gritty stutter edits for a club banger. Secondly, the thunderous “Freestyler” is a chunky bass monster with booming rhythms and an old school feel, guaranteed to give the bassbins a workout. Lastly, Ghettface’s own mid-tempo chugger Keep the Change (released on Systematica in 2007) is given a club re-rub that puts the attitude and style of the original into a rocking bassline track with groovy synth lines and a raging breakdown.


Josef Sedlon (Radio1) - "I like Keep The Change (Ghettface Remix) the most. Definitely support in my programs."

LuQuas - "All three tracks are cool, but Bang Your Fist really had me shuffling - I love that spazzy synth! Looking forward to playing it out :)"

Mobius (APE Records) - "Freestyler is my fave here, loving the Old Skool vibe. Will be supporting."

Steve Maccabe - "The Keep The Change remix is the one for me in this package, a nice update on the original. Also great work on the percussion in Bang Your Fist!"

Kickflip - "Favorite of the bunch is Bang Your Fist, good work on the vocal tweaks on the Keep The Change remix though, nice one!"

Karton - "Nice all round package here - Ghettface's stuff is getting better with each release."

EK - "Digging the groove on Bang Your Fist!"

Vital Substance - "All about Freestyler for me, really diggin the midtempo vibe - reminds me of classic Chemical Brothers stuff - top marks!"

Refracture - "Lovin this release. Bang Your Fist has a really good driving bassline and very cool cutting synths! Sounds like it should be in a rave scene in some sort of film! Freestyler wasn't as much to my taste but still very cool with that typical Ghettface cutting synth lines and as always cool rhythms. Keep The Change remix is also very cool, some great edits and fills in there and is driving as always. Good release!"

Lee Martin (Dusted Breaks) - "Bang Your Fist is my fave. Went down very well in the club this weekend!"

Far Too Loud - "Keep The Change remix is quite good."

Breakonomics - "All three are bombs, men, but Bang Your Fist and the Keep The Change remix are the big ones for me! Lovin it. Will support."

Keylowe - "Freestyler and Bang Your Fist are pure rock!"

Llupa - "Been loving the deep driving tunes coming outta Ridiculoud and Ghettface and this release is no exception! Bang Your Fist is head down groove based tunage of the highest order, as with the Keep The Change remix, but with ‘Keep’ being a little more stripped back - Bang Your Fist is the pick for me. Freestyler takes me back to my Big Beat days of the late 90's; low slung groove and beats sprinkled with some great acid twiddling over the top - love it. Great work guys!"

Satisfied Customer - "I was quite angry listening to Bang Your Fist and ended up punching a hole in the wall at my house...fix my wall!"

Forthcoming Press Reviews - DJMag and Wicked Style.

This package will be available at Beatport March 8th and everywhere else April 5th!

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