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Thread: my garage collection for sale rare stuff

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    Default my garage collection for sale rare stuff

    i have decided to get rid of my years of collecting but some1 would enjoy them more as i dont dj a lot anymore. i have start listing them all there are around 600 ive still got some to list and about 150 and white lables. if your interested your better texting me on 07545047925 thanks matt

    Box 1
    • Masterstepz & Celetia Feat. Mc Ranking-Sorry (you lied to me)
    A1: Masterstepz Remix featuring Mc Ranking
    B1: Masterstepz original mix
    B2:Chris Mac Remix

    • Jamerson/Whitney Houston -Fine

    • Dj Dee Kline -I don’t smoke-Nu skool rave remix

    • All Good Records-Got to get it
    B1: There you go
    B2:There you go bonus mix

    • So Solid -They don’t know

    • F.O.S Project -Check it

    • Dj Luck and Mc Neat-Masterblaster mixes

    • Jaheim -Just in Case (classic garage mix)

    • Jennifer o’kane/MC sel –Bradley G Remix

    • Passion for music -Talk about it remix

    • Skyline vs D&D-Freak

    • Mystery & Babyface Jay
    Get ready
    Soul searching

    • Kano
    Brown eyes
    Remember me
    Typical me
    Mic check remix

    • DND remixes
    Pick me up

    • Babyface
    Keep on

    • Mc Tribute

    • Shara Nelson & Kasha

    • Beenie Man
    Girls dem sugar Feat Mya

    • D:Tour
    Where my thugs at

    • DND
    Diamond Rings

    • El-Tuff
    2-3 Bass
    Deep Love

    • Two 2 Bad
    Be happy

    • Wideboys
    Westside mixes

    • Rubberneck
    Keep on giving love

    • Artful Dodger & BBMak
    Still on your side

    • Mark Ruff Ruder
    We do it Ruff

    • Brasstooth

    • So Solid Crew
    Mr Shabz

    • Wookie
    Battle (classic mix)

    • Zero 9

    • Second Protocal
    I believe in you

    • K-Warren Feat. Lee-o
    Coming home

    • T-Bone & the Teara unit
    Not gonna stop

    • The B-15 Project Feat. Shola Ama & Ms. Dynamite
    Feels so good (EZ mixes)

    • DJs Hermit and Daniel ward

    • Moving up
    Moving up (vocal)

    • Monie Love
    Slice of Apple Pie mixes

    • DJ Luck and MC Neat
    My world +.....

    • Leee John
    Mind, Body and soul

    • Kosheen
    Suicide mixes

    • Oxide and Neutrino
    Devils Nightmare

    • Todd Edwards
    Saved my Life

    • 2nd Best
    I aint your bitch

    • Pied Piper
    Do you really like it (classic)

    • Agent X and MJ Cole
    I need your love

    • Reflex-Mc Viper
    Put your hands up

    • Wicked Warriors
    Dub Syndicate mixes

    • Resevoir Dogs
    Buddah Finger

    • Dj Index
    2,3 Break Bad Boy

    • De La Soul Feat. Chaka Khan
    All good (Mj cole)

    • DJ Ride & CKP
    Follow me-Ride with me

    • BM DUBS

    • Edens Promise
    Boy is Mine mixes

    • Plump DJS
    Move it with
    Your mind

    • “magic orchestra”
    “Blow Out Pt 2”
    “Infiltrate 202”

    • Mc B-Live
    Music so Wonderful

    • Freak
    And you know it

    • Nesha
    Whats it gonna be? (classic)

    • Bubble Dub

    • Trick or Treat
    Destiny (classic)

    • Diamond Rings
    Insidaz Mix

    • Test Press
    Sweet Female Attitude

    • Mis-Teeq
    All i want

    • What can i do

    • D.J Deller V Sisqo
    Gotta Get It

    • 8 Million ways

    • Shy FX

    • Nate Dog and Kurrupt
    Where i wana b
    Dub-a-holics mixes

    • Mos Wanted
    Napa Boogie

    • Charllie Browns
    Big Beat Orchestra good thing

    • Gerideau & Mj Cole

    • Ride it Riddims
    3 Tracks

    • Mic Tribute
    United grooves collective

    • Scott Garcia
    Its a London thing

    • Brothers in law

    • Mark Ruff Ryder & Mc Vapour
    Move your body

    • Z bias
    Standard hoodlum issue

    • Tough boys
    Lets get it on

    • Mark Ruff Ryder & Mc Vapour
    Move your body remix

    • Sticky
    Triplets (classic)

    • Robbie Craig
    Whos the better man

    • Clolour girl

    • United grooves

    • Mc Neat
    Corrupted Cru

    • Mark Ruff Ryder
    Systen Check

    • JK and MJ
    Get on down

    • Mary Mary
    Praise you mixes
    • So solid crew
    21 seconds

    • K2 family
    Bouncing flow
    B 15 project shoal ama feels so good

    • Nesha
    Whats it gonna b

    • TJR
    Justs gets better

    • Francis James & DJ face
    Girls play too (classic)

    • Middle row
    Todays the day

    • The streets
    Has it come to this (classix mix)

    • Goodfella dub

    • Agent X
    Turbulance (classic)

    • B15 Project

    • We are da click remixes

    • Mc Kie
    Flow (classic)

    • Skinny crew
    R way

    • Baron & brady
    Fool for love

    • Sticky , ms dynamite
    Boo (classic)

    • Bassment jaxx
    Jus 1 kiss

    • Project ft harry
    Baby can i get ur numba

    • Downtown Crew
    How yall feeling

    • Once was nice
    No need for trouble

    • Red handed
    Hey one day remixs

    • Danny c & mc Viper

    • T-Bone vs So solid
    Best of your love

    • De nada
    Bring on to my love

    • So solid crew
    Wooh (classic)

    • 2 step
    Various classics

    • Ten4
    Flavour mixes

    • Jammin
    Hold on

    • Dj Luck & Mc Neat
    Aint no stopping us (classic)

    • Super s mixes

    • 2 step

    Kele le roc my love
    Various other

    • Dj pied piper
    Do you really like it

    • Phase 1
    Nicoles groove

    • Mark ruff ryder

    • Dinada
    Love you anyway mixes

    Box 2

    • Usher-Nice and Slow, Remixes
    • Re-Animator-return to E
    • Nesha- Whats it gonna be (classic)
    • DJ R.D-I cant believe
    • Aaron Soul-Ring Ring Ring
    • Karm-Find the vibe
    • Nu Birth-Anytime
    • Ruff Quest-Mad Science
    • Scotty B & Carter- Keep stepping
    • JJ Lewis-On my mind
    • DJ Kin & Robloe- Scarface
    • Silvia Quest- Spacefunk
    • Killer instinct-Front it out
    • Mark Ruff Ryder- We do it Ruff
    • Smoking Beats Feat.Mc Fearless- Dreams 2000
    • Dj Toots- So dam tuff
    • Pasilda- Raffles Mix
    • Trick or Treat Vs General Levy
    • Maxwell D- Serious (classic)
    • Pure Silk – Inter outer
    • Dub Syndicate- Various
    • Oxide neutrino- no good for me
    • Bizzi’s party messy boys club vocal
    • Dane bowers bugging mixes
    • Drink to get Drunk mixes
    • Locked on- Red or Dred-How i feel
    • Still lost in vegas Ronnie kool kutz
    • Double 99-R.I.P Groove (classic)
    • Copy cuts-White label
    • The Relists-Freak mode (rare) Sunship Remix
    • Leo- You stress me, mixes
    • Debbie Pender- Moving on
    • Tasty Jay & Nicki Ni- Rinse out
    • Immortal Minds Mixes
    • Resonator – Crazy
    • Dj Deller & TRK- Spread your love (white Label)
    • Honeybeat Abbi –Bring me Joy
    • Chris Mac- Cant get Enough
    • Undercover (white Label)
    • Urban Species- Spiritual Love Mixes
    • Ed Case- Somthing in your eyes (classic, Rare)
    • Zedbias- Been here before
    • Monster Boy-Sorry (rare, original)
    • Dj Della- Rock me steady
    • Freq Nasty –Thats my style
    • Forward Motion- Badman
    • Dj Para- Cry for you mixes
    • System 80- Playaz mixes
    • Blaze vs Delboy-If you love me/ I got somebody else
    • Artful Dodger- Please don’t turn me on
    • International by soverign/ zbias pretty pretty
    • Strike- You sure do (classic) dance mix
    • Smoking beats-dreams
    • Detroit- beyond the third wave (various)
    • Mc b-live- Magic / Jack Jones
    • Ramsey & fen- Lovebug feat mc creed
    • Jason torres- Slow hand
    • Colonel reefa- Got me going
    • Dred control- Juice man
    • The Juice Crew- next Episode
    • Tks, Sparks – Fly bi
    • Mc B-live- Beep Beep
    • Usl- Step up
    • London connection- Talking ya ya
    • Brasstooth- Celebrate life (white Label)
    • Sisco- Dance for me remixes
    • Selena vs x men- Give it up
    • Jkl Ft Mc neat – Get on Down
    • Artful Dodger-Think about me
    • Volatile Agents- Hooked on you
    • Artful Dodger- Love don’t love me/gangsta mobster
    • Dj Luck & Mc Neat- Piano Loco
    • DJ Luck & Mc Neat- Im all about you
    • Artful Dodger Ft Craig David- What you gonna do,( Wide boys Rare)
    • Industry Standard- What you want
    • Combat Dancing- Various
    • Heartless Crew- The heartless theme
    • Goldie- Believe Mj Cole/ Bump and flex mixes
    • Jamason Vs Destinys child/ Dj Dela Vs Assorted Flavours (white label)
    • More Fire Crew- Oi
    • Oxide & Neutrino-Rap dis
    • Stargate- Wilder sunship mixes
    • Scott & Leon Vs Dynamite- Sound of Eden
    • Ladies First- I cant Wait mixes
    • Pure Silk in aya Napa- Be my Lover
    • Being without you / Various ( White label)
    • Mc RB- Slip & Slide
    • JJ Lewis – Ruff Tuff & Ready sunship mix
    • Da Cartal- Journey/Dancehall King
    • Set Fire- Rumble
    • Dreem Teem Ft Artful Dodger- It aint enough Sticky mixes
    • Operator & Baffled ft Colourgirl – Things are never
    • Dreem Teem Vs Artful Dodger – It aint enough, Sticky & Wideboy (classic)
    • Champion Sound mixes
    • Barbara Tucker-I get lifted Mixes
    • Cappella- You got to know
    • Hyper Go-Go- Raise mixes
    • Dj Zinc- 138 Trek (Classic rare)
    • Alex Party- various
    • MXM- Nothing compares to you
    • Ultamatum- Brake beats, Various
    • 2 Step- Volume 2 various
    • Dreem Teem- It aint enough
    • Remark-TNT (classic)
    • Test Press- you make me go o0oh DND Remix ( White label)
    • Architects- Body Groove (white Label)
    • Jameson & Mc Viper-This one, Part 2
    • Sticky Vs Mrs Dynamite- Bo
    • F.U.N- Its the way 2000 (classic)
    • Dj Hype- Reach & Spin (classic)
    • All Stars-No Diggity
    • Dj Della & Abbi- Love so real
    • 747- Funky London

    Box 3
    • Dom P & Dynamite-Got myself together DND Mix
    • Mark one- Turn it up
    • Wiley- Eskimo 3, White label rare
    • Man of leisure- Not For you retro mix
    • Sexy Cinderella – White label
    • Hold it down- White label
    • Sky Goose Ft S- Dark Sky- White Label
    • Kel Le Roc-Cheeky Deliquents (classic)
    • Everything- Wideboys remix (white label)
    • Prettyboy Records- Love custard (White Label)
    • Dj DeeKline- Fame & Money
    • Pick yourself up-(White label)
    • Jungle Groove Vol 1- (White Label)
    • Reservoir Dogs-( Classic)
    • Spreadlove solution (White Label)
    • Bare Witness-Vol1 (white Label)
    • Mc Dappa- Uk Trimuph (White Label)
    • Battle of the Mcs (White Label)
    • K warren- Dont Hold back
    • Messing with neat( White label)
    • Shake it baby (white Label)
    • Track Funkula (m double, white label)
    • Tell me whats up (white Label)
    • Twisted ( white Label)
    • Guru’s Certified
    • Richie Dan K warren- Temptation
    • Mr Vegas- Easy Easy (White Label)
    • Blast from the past Vol1 ( White label)
    • Little man- various
    • Sincere dark dubs ( White Label)
    • Da Click Millennium Madness
    • Dub Syndacate Vs Usher ( White Label)
    • Robert Mills- Children mixes
    • Soulo and steve feelgood- True
    • Step2 volume 2- glamour kid y rare various

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    That's some collection! are you selling the whole lot and for how much?

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