Sway & Tinny *Zingolo Remix* Cadburys Fair Trade

Earlier this year Tinny came over to the Glass and A Half Full Productions, Cadbury's new record label has collaborated with Ghana’s hottest music superstar, Tinny and the UK's number one rapper, Sway to produce a track and music video called Zingolo, meaning ‘it’s all good’ in Ghanaian. Here is a video of Tinny in the UK where he hit the studio with Sway.

See the footage here:

Hear the track and see the official video:
Zingolo Remix feat Sway & Tinny : Sway blog

Sway will drop his brand new mixtape 'The Delivery' on Valentines Day as well as 2 new singles available on iTunes on the same day.
More news next week !!!!

In an unusual approach to promoting a Fairtrade initiative, the track and video were all inspired by Ghanaian culture and their love for music. Shot on location in Ghana it involves local communities, cocoa farmers and some of the hottest Ghanaian dancers. Phil Rumbol, marketing director for Cadbury comments: “We wanted to celebrate Ghana and Fairtrade in a unique way. Music has always been a big part of Glass and a Half Productions and, after visiting Ghana, we were inspired by their love of music so it seemed the perfect way to capture the spirit of the country was through a track. We hope we’ll bring a smile to people’s faces.”

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