Easy everyone!!

We have a few free give aways for you all below! a forthcoming release mix by Fused Forces, a b2b set from Watson & Deadly who are behind Futurism Recordins and also a competition which 2 winners picked at random will recieve Promo copies of the 1st three Futurism Releases.

The 1st three releases to look out for are:
FUR 001 - Fused Forces - A. Digital Pervert. B. Grit Weed
FUR 002 - Benton - A. Have It Your Way. B. Defend
FUR 003 - DFRNT - A. All Change. B. Sectioned. BB. The Darkness

Ok lets kick things off with the Competition (Very easy question) all you have to do is send you answer to futurismrecordings@gmail.com
Q. Who are the 2 DJ's behind FUTURISM RECORDINGS

Here is a link to listen and download the mix from Fused Forces, we would like to say a big thanks to Fused Forces for taking the time out in doing this for us:
GetDarker.com / GetDarker Files / ... 6b8e3eb72/

1. Benton - Defend (FUR002).
2. Benton - Have It Your Way (FUR002).
3. DFRNT - Sectioned (FUR003).
4. DFRNT - The Darkness (FUR003).
5. Benton - Sacrifice (TBC).
6. Fused Forces - Digital Pervert (FUR001).
7. Orien - U Cunt (FUR004).
8. Fused Forces - Grit Weed (FUR001).
9. DFRNT - All Change (FUR003).

And here is a link to download the Watson & Deadly Dubstep mix:
Download Jan 2010 Dubstep Mix.mp3 from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way

1. Headhunter In Motion
2. Mala Lean Forward
3. Instra:Mental - No Future (Skream Remix)
/Skream - Filth
4. Emalkay Angie Got Stoned
5. Breakage ft Newham Generals Hard
6. Emalkay When I Look A You
7. Gothtrad Genesis
8. The Others King Pin
9. Kode 9 Stung
10. Data Leaves
11. Benny Ill V DJ Hatcha Highland Spring
12. Joy Orbison Hyph Mngo
13. Skream Hitch
14. Quest The Last Days
15. Silkie Illegal Immigrant
16. Digital Mystikz Theif In The Night
17. 16Bit Swine Flu
18. Kutz Parti
19. Giant Swoosh
20. Gothtrad S.A.T.U.R.N
21. Distance Night Vision (Skream Remix)
22. J@kes Justice
23. Rusko Cockney Thug (Caspa Remix)
24. Skream Murdera
25. 16Bit In The Death Car
26. Zomby - Test

If you would like to join the Futurism Recordings mailing list the email us at futurismrecordings@gmail.com and title you email MAILING LIST and you will recieve email on Futurism Recordings up and coming releases and where to look out for these too!
You can also find us on Facebook if you wish to join the Futurism Recordings Group page! Login | Facebook ... 943&ref=ts
Also check out clips of the up and coming releases on our Soundcloud page: Futurism Recordings - Tracks - SoundCloud
Deadly & Watson are also playing at DUBFRICTION - Cevans in Epsom on the 19th Feb 2010 so hope to see you all down there!

Now this leaves us to say a few thanks to people and sorry if we have missed anyone out:
Fused Forces, N-Type for all the air play on Rinse FM, Benton, DFRNT, Orien, Reas, J Sweet, Stay Clever, Subsplash, Dubfriction, Adam Andrews, Colin Patrick Church, Lee Davies, Babysham, L-Ow.


Deadly & Watson
Futurism Recordings