Please Vote Dusted Breaks for 'Best New Label' @ Breakspoll 2010

We hope that you have will consider us for the 'best new label' catergory at breakspoll this year.

Just as a reminder of what we did this year and out of gratitude for all of the great comments and support we received so far, we are giving away a choice couple of tracks for ya ipod/walkman!

Within this package are 2 tracks, one of which is MR NO HANDS RADIO EDIT REMIX of Refracture - 'ETERNAL' & the other is IItone & Embee's 'JAH RING' Which is the opening track from his Album, OUT NOW on Dusted Breaks 'Clean Living In A Dirty Age'


Also here is a quick recap of what we have released this year.

DBR001 - IITONE - CRUSH + (Andrea Lai Remix)
DBR002 - PAUL LYMAN - BREAKTHROUGH + (Cut La Roc, 10 Rapid, D*funk & Wrongstar Remixes)
DBR003 - J*O*K*R - SALAD SHAKER + (Groove Diggerz Remix)
DBR004 - J*O*K*R - DR OETKER + (Rektchorz & Quadrat Beat Remixes)
DBR005 - HYPEARTIST - YNGA + (Retroid & Plastic Shell Remixes)
DBR006 - BREAKING NEWS - PEOPLES + (Colossus Herb & Mook, IITone & Xim n Bass Remixes)
DBR007 - BREAKZHEAD - GOIN ON + (Kickflip, Kraymon & Jurassik Remixes)
DBR008 - MOBIUS - TOOLS OF THE TRADE + (Lo-Definition Remix)
DBR009 - MOBIUS - THE LAB + (Ben & Lex Remix)
DBR010 - F-WORD - DEATH VALLEY + (Eshericks, I.D & Breaking News Remixes)
DBR011 - WAYS AND MEANS - BASS BOMBER + (Gella, Felony & D Product Remixes)
DBR012 - J*O*K*R - ON POINT + (Myagi, Jay Stewart, Joebot & Udy Remixes)
DBR013 - REFRACTURE - ETERNAL + (Mr No Hands & Hypeartist Remixes)
DBR014 - XIM N BASS VS CRITICAL - BELIEVE + (IITone, Zero B & Nude Remixes)

All these tracks available to hear on Beatport & all other good download sites

To Cast You Vote, Go Here and follow the simple instructions: BREAKSPOLL-2010

Thanks for you time and all the best

Lee Martin & John Selekta - Dusted Breaks Records