Well........Its been a great year for us at DB Records and although it has been VERY hard work, It has been great fun!
This is our last instalment of 2009 and we thought, for a change, We will go much harder than usual for this one!!

XIM N BASS Hail from the South of Spain, DJ XIM and Frank Bass are XIM & BASS, Owners of the Radik - All crew.
Nine years ago they were playing gabber, but that gave way to the nasty Sound of breaks. (They were converted after being rocked by a Chris Carter set.)
Four years ago they immersed themselved in Spain's breaks scene, Playing sets every weekend alongside some of the top worldwide brass.Already co-owning a brand new spanish breakbeat internet community
and forums Radik-All.com while running a new label AUDIOGORE, Which has won support from the likes of VENT, SPECIMEN A & AFGHAN HEADSPIN

CRITICAL Hails from Victoria, British Columbia Canada and is the kind of guy who just NEEDS to make music! A lot of people talk about music as a drug, but few bare physical representations of that metaphor. He's pale and thin from spending every available hour in his room producing, DJing, or just reading about music. A habit so bad it has worried friends and family from time to time, but like a real drug addict he barely seems to notice. He probably looked a bit like a refugee when he was climbing around in a garbage pile looking for his first turn table seven years ago. He found it, and started his DJing career with two belt driven turntables, two amplifiers, and no mixer. Fast forward five years, and countless hours in the studio, Jaime landed his first residency at Victoria's premiere electronica night club two years before he is legally allowed to drink there!! An early member of the Victoria based collective Break Beat Island, With his first release (Malpractice bootleg) gaining him support from the likes of Anti-Science, White Papoo, MKM, Influenza, and Pete Samplers, Not to mention XIM N BASS, Hence why this partnership has taken place! Critical has gone from strength to strength since then and has several releases out there right now and im sure we'll be treated to a few more folowing this little ditty!

'Believe' Not only takes a much heavier route to what you may be used to from us, but it is very much from the darker realms of Breakbeat! Its Rolling drums mixed with haunting pads and filthy Bass that makes you wanna go and wash yourself after every listen has so far seen support coming from Mars, Annie Nightingale, Curl & Dean & Yoof Sonz Of Mecha

IITONE REMIX This guy came on to the scene properly in 2008 and has seen many of his releases snapped up by some top labels! His album 'Clean Living in a Dirty Age' Which includes Dusted Breaks first ever relase 'Crush' has so far become one of the best Break Beat albums of 2009 and this remix is arguably his best remix work to date!! Its a little more moodier than the original but keeps that rolling edge and relentless Bassface stylee! Support coming from Schema, Far Too Loud & Bill Vega to name but a few.

NUDE REMIX These guys are an up and coming band from Frankfurt in Germany. Their roots lie with Drum & Bass, but they have been known to create some rather nasty but tasty Breakbeats in their fairly short history! They have gained great support in their home country through tireless touring and promoting their music and their label Sabotage Concept. Their version of this keeps it in the same vein as the original but you can definitely spot the drum and bass influence as it takes a more tearout twist when the beat drops and some may even say that this is heavier and nastier than the original! TEAROUT CREW BEWARE!!!

ZERO B REMIX Zero B recently made a producing come back with his Co-owned label Westway and We are very proud to be the next in line to get this guy's talents involved in our label! Many will remember the hardcore classic 'Lock Up' which sent shivers down the illegal rave community back in the early nineties and to this day can be heard in most classic 'core' sets and sits nicely in the top 10 classics of all time! His remix of 'Believe' though is nothing short of Genre Splitting! It kicks off with a Dubstep intro that takes you into the zone and then the rhythmic build holds you there nicely until the bass starts growling and slams you back into a kind of broken 4/4 groove. The 2nd break is just deadly!! Any of you that know 'Lock Up' will no doubt spot certain familiar sounds mashed up in this remix! Notable support coming from Kickflip

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