Hey, peeps!

We are pleased to announce our forth release:

Beta vs Mesmer - Tetris (SCAR04)
Original + Remixes from Retroid, Jariten, Quentin

About this release:

Beta and Mesmer turn in a mind blowing, dancefloor rocker that surely wont dissappoint these guys' fans. A tasty Christmas treat, that couldn't fit better on any label other than Scarcity Records, featuring remixes by Retroid, Jariten (aka Johan Soh) and Romania's 4/4 finest, Quentin.

The Hungarian breaks don, Retroid, created an atmospheric yet energetic rethink on the original and has also added his own original production to the breakdown, definitely delivering some serious peak-time business.

The Bearded man, Sound of Habib honcho, Jariten's rework is quite a special breakbeat affair with wobbly bassline and added synths and pads over the original melody, with a quirky broken beat that is offset every 8 bars. Refreshing!

Quentin had to do the terrible job of shoving a 4/4 remix into a breaks package but he managed this nicely, using the energy of the original and still keeping the sound nice and gentle.




Some reactions:

Flack.su (Glack Audio) - "Huge release! As far as I'm concerned there is no doubt that the Original is Scarcity's best so far, really like it, gets my full support. Jariten and Retroid did a good job as well."

Ian Daniella Downs (Dead Famous) - "Original without a doubt. I have played this tune countless times over the past few months. Absolutely LOVE it!"

Left/Right (Sound of Habib / Scarcity) - "Nice one! Digging the Original and the Retroid Remix. Great set builders."

Duane Barry (Digital Sensation UK) - "Wicked original track - About time this came out properly! Great techy synths and loads of bleeps - My favourite has to be Retroid Remix though it's fantastic, the bass in particular, especially in the break is great! Already featured on my show this week and won't be the last time I play I'm sure!"

Pato (Onpa) - "All mixes green light! Adam's the finest! Très bien! Where is my GameBoy?"

Parallax Breakz - "Original is superb. Classic rolling breaks with great flying progressive sounds. It is one of the best breaks tune I've heard last time. Very impressive work. Also I like the remix by Retroid. It's very atmospheric and melodic."

Lunar Shift (Ego Shot) - "Original - Strong beats and the dark moody effects work well. The track rocks along nicely as a whole. This is the best track in the release and will certainly be getting played by us.
Retroid Remix - Retroid doing what he does best, strong beats with a techy/trance feel to the track. The break down works well and is a good track to start of a set with.
Jariten Remix - Very interesting track, we like this, something a bit tougher with a melodic background. Good mix down and the remix overall compliments the release.
Quentin Remix - Well made track that holds true to the original mix well, but has an interesting take on it.
Overall the release has a good balance of styles, something for everybody, good choice of artists!"

Undecided (Mob / Sango Music) - "Great release dude. Really feeling the Original and the Quentin's High Score Remix. Label is looking and sounding great my man."

T.R.O. (Maschinen Musik) - "Solid release with a lot of deepness in all mixes. Original is a pretty cool tune. Retroid remix totally catched me. Excellent work on the drums, phat rolling, swirling beats that remind you what breaks is all about."

Kyulo (iBreaks) - "Mesmer & Beta on one track, there's just no way this can go wrong! I've played the Original many times and it still hasn't aged since then. Such a FAT tune, that's what it is! Retroid and Jariten Remixes are both killer tunes, difficult to pick a favorite, they're both top quality! That also goes for the Quentin Remix, it's a totally different direction than the rest of the pack, but that's just what makes it so interesting! That's another top release for Scarcity! Big ups for putting out that much quality releases in such a short time!"

Line of Sight (Morphosis / Scarcity) - "Original mix is absolutely wicked, Retroid remix is my favorite though - Deep and rolling progressive monster! Yet another superb release from Scarcity!"

Pale Penguin (V.I.M Records) - "The Original is a great tune! Floating n’ spacey, phat, proggy influences, I will play it for sure! Retroid Remix is excellent! Really phat, top quality stuff. The other two remixes are good also. Another really good release by Scarcity! Keep on the good work!

Dudawles (Influenza Minus) - "All of them are really nice but the Quentin Remix does it for me personally!"

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Hope you enjoy this one :D Hehe