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Sooooo... Hot on the heels of the original 'Supersonic' EP by Enough Weapons and before you can even catch your breath, we have a fresh as fook remix EP that will get you dribbling through your pants and into your shoes!!!

Unsurprisingly all the remixers chose one tune and one tune only to remix, obviously, 'It's all about the Supersonic'

Keeping the theme international, we have the first of his forthcoming remixes for Ape. The Freekin' mighty Eshericks drops a huuuuge dancefloor badboy for us as only he can. Taking his trademark amazing production and twisting his sound darker & dirtier than he ever has before this is a full on tearout banger and no mistake.

Next up we have the awesome Freeflow 45 fresh from his outing on the NSB Uncovered LP, taking the vocal and weaving it into a superbly produced, stripped back, drums & bass heavy monster that blows the speakers apart from the woofers out.

To wrap the whole thing up we have the UK's up & coming 'First Lady of Breakbeat', That Girl Dj, who turns in one of her best remixes to date. Absolutely ripping the tune a new arsehole, she gives it a spankin' new bassline that works with the original's lead vibe to make a wee beasty of a tune that has been killing parties for months.

Hows about that then.

We are nice to you aren't we :)

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We have a T-shirt available for this release which can be bought from DizzyJam.

Don't forget the original is still available from Beatport