YellowFinger Communications YF004

Jurassik - Like This (Original mix)
Jurassik - Like This (Jurassik & XLY remix)
Jurassik - Like This (Rektchordz remix)
Jurassik - Like This (Llupa remix)

YellowFinger Communications is proud to present their 4th release from 'Jurassik' aka Ben Child. Jurassik is a name that has been
in the underground breaks scene for some time now. He runs 'Supatronix', one of the longest running breaks events in London.
The Supatronix name has recently been expanded to include the launch of a Supatronix event in Australia and a Supatronix record
label. Ben also runs the website and is breaks reviewer for IDJ magazine.

Jurassik brings us a superbly produced epic building mixture of tuff beats and acidic bleeps set to rip up the dancefloor.
With excellent remixes from Jurassik & XLY, Rektchordz and Llupa this release will be wearing down your soles.

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Youthful Implants [Future Perfect]- good mixes all round here, especially like the rektchordz and llupa mixes - solid!

John Grief - Great package of remixes here - a bit of something for all wrapped up in one release. The real winner on this release for me is the Rektchordz remix - lovin that deep warpy bassline that runs through this mix. Also the breakdown in the middle is proper quality - has a wicked build up back into the drop which then adds the extra level when it steps in. Good stuff.

Danny reject - It's all about the Rektchordz and Llupa for me :)

Bill Vega - Pick of the bunch for me is the Jurassik and XLY remix. The musical elements and key changes are great. 8/10

The Scientifics [VIM records] - I absolutely LOVE the original! Wikked bass, super vocal hooks, great atmo....Both REKTCHORDZ and LLUPA remixes are top stuff also! Simply quality all over.........I'll play it for sure.....full support!

Curl & dean - I really love the flow of the original of this one, this is a straight flowing breaks tune, the build on it is very sweet and then bang, in comes the acid andn Dub wars sample, classic, this will get full support from me and 100% play this on our show.The Jurassik & Xly i think takes it a little deeper, still has a great groove and very melodic, this will get my support as well for sure.

Dusted breaks records - Nice all round release! I love the journey that the Jurassik & Xly remix takes you on, but my fave is the Llupa remix! Very deep and dirty breaks.......Evil infact!! Full Support from me!

Kickflip - Llupa's dark and atmospheric retouch is tight, but favourite is Rektchordz' remix, very techy trippy vibes!

Fartooloud - Rektchordz remix is my fave, especially when the groove picks up at about 2 mins and then onwards...very funky. Will play on my radio show tonight

Ali Rutt - Llupa remix for me, tough and melodic this will be getting plays for sure.

Duane Barry [Digital Sensation UK] - The Jurassik & XLY and the Llupa remixes are fantastic - awesome deep growling bass and sick stabs - will play for sure!

Farace [kickitrecordings] - Rektchordz remix is excellent, will be rinsing it!

Lightshapers - Rektchordz remix doing it for me, gets straight to the point and doesnt fuck about.

Eddie Voyager - all over the original of this , breaks of the broken kind , top tune , will be caining this one!!

LuQas - Another solid release from Camp Yellow Finger - all tracks are nice, but the Llupa remix is my fave.

Shad [Nsbradio] - This is IT !!!!!!! Oh my God what a fckin tune and what about the remixs tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunes too !!!! I'm waitin for new promo from yellow finger and i'm happy because i'm not waitin for nothing, this one is the verry best, i want to hear this killing tunes on a dancefloor because it's just the place where it will be. So congratulation for this production, it's verry verry good, i can hear the evolution in all your production and now you're on the top, jurassik - like this will be number one.

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