REFRACTURE is 22 year old Breaks and Electro House producer Paul Dobson From Ipswich,UK.
Refracture is renowned for emotional and uplifting dance music. His unique sound and energy has got him support from some of the worlds biggest djs including Jay Cunning & The Crystal Method
Paul started producing at the age of 15, where he experimented with different sounds and production techniques until he eventually formed the 'Refracture' sound in 2008, combining his love of breaks with his addiction to deep melodies.
2009 has been the year where Refracture has begun to break-through onto the scene though, with a string of successful releases including several top 10's on beatport, a number 1 on trackitdown, aswell as featuring on Ronski Speed Compilation album: Positive Ways and gaining support from national radio station Kiss Fm!

ETERNAL has an uplifting progressive vibe to it in true Refractured style! His signature beat, mixed with a huge trance breakdown and build up that will have you thirsty for more, has won over support from some truly great names in the industry, including plays on Jay Cunnings Kiss FM show and full playing support from The Crystal Method

\\\\\\\"I got to say the original is my fave! Good driving beats and cutting synths. Cool stuff.Thanks\\\\\\\"
(Scott - The Crystal Method)

MR NO HANDS REMIX This little ditty has really seen a lot of promo plays over the last 4 weeks, From some massive names, and we at Dusted Breaks are not surprised! Mr No Hands Clean production work (as usual) and the asolutely mental head nodding and funky vibe that this remix carries, has had people bouncing off the walls!! Many of the same big names have made comments about this being, Possibly his best work to date and we are not gonna disagree!

This is a huge remix, definitely No hands best remix to date, dropped this last Saturday at Infectious Breaks and it received a great reaction from the crowd! Top work Dave!
(Cut La Roc - Rocstar)

Really feelin' the No Hands remix on this one. When the wonky B-line drops it's magic!!
(Phil - Splitloop)

Full on support on the No Hands remix...His best work to date IMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Peo ‘de Pitte’ Haggstrom - FlatOut Records)

That leads us very nicely into the remix of Dusted Breaks very own HYPEARTIST In our world of dj friendly cookie cutter tracks that all seem to end and begin like each other, this remix certainly stands out! A very brave and bold remix by the Russian newcomer! Twisted glitchy synth action and massive pads instantly submerge you into a world of sound and has that Very epic feeling! This has had support from Florida's very own Inconspicous Villian - NSB

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