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We're nothing if not generous here at Ape's Jungle headquarters and so, having just given you the awesome NSB Uncovered LP, we are unleashing a huge EP for you too!!

And if that doesn't make you love us then we'll throw poo at you.....

For Ape 15 we have gone all inter-conty-nental mental again and we are very proud to welcome a new signing to the Simian fold in the shape of the awesome South African duo, 'Enough Weapons'

The pair have been djing & runnin tings around Cape Town & South Africa for 12 years and have already had a couple of heavy tunes of breakbeaty goodness out and about so we thought we'd grab this pair while they are dropping it f-f-f-fresh!!

First out of the barrel we have the absolutely blinding 'Supersonic'. This tune has been smashing the shit out of the dancefloors every time its been played out.....opening with an instantly catchy vocal hook the pair then smash it mercilessly dropping the beat like a dirty megaton bomb out ya speakers with a rasping grinding bass synth more addictive than crack and more lethal than a dose of anthrax shagged by the swine flu.

Sounding something like the Drummatics on PCP this tune definitely has Enough Weapons for any dancefloor battle!!!

Backing up this heavy opening salvo we have the totally crazy and deranged war veterans that are 'Beyond' and 'Downscale'. Both tunes are completely off the hook mega rave bonkers and in need of serious rehabilitation. 'Beyond's winding drone lead burrows into your head worse than that thing that goes in your ear outta the Wrath of Khan, and to top it off 'Downscale' opens with a bassline scarier and more disturbing than Subo in the buff. What more could you ask for ?

3 heavy heavy tunes making one hell of an EP!!

As if these 3 weren't enough to follow we have a MASSIVE remix package to come with remixes from Eshericks, That Girl DJ, Freerange DJs and Freeflow45 making this quite frankly one of the fattest releases we've done so far!! Jeebus we're good to ya!

"It's all about the Supersonic"

Enough Weapons 'Supersonic EP'

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We have a T-shirt available for this release which can be bought from DizzyJam.


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