On October 26th this year, We released our and IITone's debut LP! To celebrate this a little further, We wanna show you what some of the DJ/Producer/Reviewers think of this release and also point you in the right direction for all of the retailers that are selling this little ditty for us right now!


Thanks for the IITone album
Really lovin the track called 'Dun' track 6 on the album
Bad bwoy dubstep really cool 9/10
Full support from Beat Assassins on this one. (Jimmy Mofo - The Beat Assassins)

There are definitely some stand out tracks for me on this album, a really good effort!
I like the harsh synths in Napalm, wicked sub going on! Nice warm tune!
Crush sounds pretty cool, love the reggae elements in Almighty, Fucked sounds really tough, nice vocal samples going on! Dun is probably my pick of the bunch, really nice!
Overall a really good effort for the debut album.
Thanks, good stuff!
Scott :) (Hexadecimal - Distinctive Records)

This is a really fucking good album. a good bit of diversity, but still maintaining the same vibe. this will DEFINITELY be in my cd player for quite some time.
Very good show iitone =) (Daniella Downs - Dead Famous)

Congrats on the full album release! Something here for everyone, will definately be looking to drop some of the breaks tracks into my darker sets! (Duane Barry - Ho Ju Records)

The 1st Longplayer from IItone features a pretty diverse range of sounds and styles and is all well produced. Standout tracks for me are Crush which has a great oldskool vibe running alongside tight, modern breakbeats and This Town's Not Massive Enough which harks back to the early days of acrts like Portishead and features the excellent vocals of Mela Busby. (Ali Mobius - Ape Records, Reconnect)

'Jah Ring' reminds me of an Afghan Headspin track the way the beats are put together, chop and stop and start etc. This track is very different to the rest of the album in terms of the toughness and the solid breakbeats present. Will be rinsing this one in my sets! 8/10 :) (Bill Vega - Bassrock)

Already a big fan of "Crush" and it's definitely the tune of the album
for me, but liking "Rise and Fall" also. Very interested to hear the
different style of "Prismism" - I like it as far as it goes, wish it
had a little more content and development but may well drop it into
the QuexTech Special next week :) (Ben Quextal - DJ/Breaks Reviewer)

Been having a few listens to this LP, its quite a variety of styles in there,
its a nice Lp and there is somethere there for everyone.
The tunes that stand out for me and that i will be playing on our show ect...
Is Jah Ring, this tune is a banger, loving the various Bass on this and the changes in beats, great work, one of the bass rumbles sound s a bit like The Beastie Boys..)
Crush i have always liked so a great add for the people that have not heard this yet.
I like Logan Returns as well has a nice easy electro feel to it, and the Vocal sample well what can i say hahahaha....
Overall a cool LP. something there for everyone. Good Work (Dean - Curl & Dean - Big Square Records)