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1. Genotype- A Sign Of Madness- Broken Audio Recordings
2. Genotype- The Closed Room-
3. Genotype- The Worthy-
4. Genotype- Hurt them-
5. Genotype- Never Stop-Critical
6. Genotype- Digital Glitch-
7. Genotype- Real Deal-
8. Genotype- Virus Of Life- Mindtech Recordings
9. Genotype and Tobias A.M- Fatal Error-
10. Genotype- Deep Night Shift- Cylon
11. Genotype- Just A Focus- Cylon
12. Genotype- Forever Enemies-
13. Genotype- Version- Exit
14. Genotype- Lost In Lost World-
15. Genotype- Extra Terrestrial- Renegade Hardware

Shouts out to everyone enjoying the 'Genotype Sound'