Good news boppers Youtube is now working again with Roku box. This is great if you like streaming youtube videos with Roku.

I have the Roku 3 and have just followed these simple steps now i have youtube!!!

First go to this website and follow the instructions please make a small donation if you like this service

The app is called myvideobuzz youtube streaming.


Latest version of Firefox or Google Chrome Browser is needed. (Note: Tablet/Phones browsers will not work)
You will need your TV and Roku Device turned on.
Your computer should be connected to same network as your Roku (if you are using home computer most probably you are connected to same network.)
Please use below "Next" button to proceed to Next step.
Note: We tried to make this deployment as smooth/easy as possible, If you run into any problems and if you see me online (above icon), please be free ask us any questions you have.

Roku Device Information

To begin, please enter the IP Address of your Roku Device (Refer to help below.)

(Make sure you are connected to same Wireless network as your Roku Device.)
How to Find your Roku IP Address?
Roku 3, Roku 2 and Roku LT players : Go to Settings > About
First-generation Roku players : Go to Settings > Player info

Enable Developer mode

You need to enter the special remote control sequence to enable development mode. Turn on your TV and use your Roku remote (point towards Roku) and enter below sequence buttons. (Here is a video of how to enable developer mode)
Home, Home, Home, Up, Up, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right

(Important: Try to push the buttons at normal speed without any pause in beetween. Below is remote image for your convenience)

Once you enter above sequence you should see a screen on Roku prompting to "enable installer". Click Ok to enable installer.
Please read the "Developer Agreement" and select "Agree" if

Deploying Application

You are all set to deploy MyVideoBuzz to your Roku Device. Click below deploy button to start deployment.

If you already have a development channel deployed on your Roku device, Deploying MyVideoBuzz will overwrite the channel.

Its that easy guys after you will see the myvideobuzz icon in your channel list.