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ROI is a set of services inspired by the day-to-day needs of many businesses: how to track campaign data, manage lead information, and close deals quickly.
Our company began offering services in 2005. Since then, we have worked with nearly 3000 businesses and marketing agencies nationwide to improve advertising conversion and increase the return on promotional investments. We give businesses the ability to instantly track their leads. This allows sales people to manage prospects, follow up with respondents, and close deals using the information we provide. This ensures businesses to receive a profitable return on their marketing investment.
We regularly solicit feedback from our clients to receive inspiration to improve and add to our services to meet their growing needs. ROI has engineering, technical, and customer service staff in five different countries, dedicated to serving the American market 24/7. This corp of committed professions will ensure you receive best services and up to date technologies to guarantee a successful campaign.

Our values

Dedication to Service: We believe your success is also ours. Besides providing indispensable services, we try our best to serve you 24/7 by having a team of dedicated Customer Care reps and engineers attending to you your enquiries at any time.

Strong Focus on Technology: Our engineering team's primary mission is to pioneer new applications. You can always be assured of being on the cutting edge when using our services. Our facilities implement multiple and redundant servers and telco to ensure consistent service levels and access to your data.

Mobility: Our cloud based data service and smart applicants, allow you to cut the tether that ties you to your desk. You can access from any computer with an internet connection, or use your smart phone.


TrackMyROI system is compatible with all types of advertising. We automatically capture your lead information by an automated IVR, PURL, or Live Call Center. This lead information is tailored to your needs and includes the leads contact information. That information is sent to you in real-time by way of email, text messaging, FAX, or smart phone application. Our process is very straight forward…

  • Step 1: Each mail piece or campaign is given a verification code.
  • Step 2: Leads respond to the campaign via #800, PURL, or Smart Phone QR code.
  • Step 3: Their information is stored in our Cloud Based CRM data base that can be accessed from any computer or smart phone with an internet connection.
  • Step 4: The lead information is distributed to your sales people by way of email, SMS text, FAX, or Smart Phone application. We can even push the Lead Data to your store's own CRM.

Our cloud based CRM database not only achieves your lead information, it allows you to down load the raw data in CVS or Excel spreadsheet formats. We can even produce reports that show your campaigns progress using numeratical and graphical representations. These reports help you show the quantitative success of your campaign.


Never miss another lead with our ROIse Mobile Application!
We understand timing is critical to your business's success. Imagine running your campaign from a cellular phone! ROIse instantly notifies you of incoming leads, and you have the power to review all of your campaign data. This application gives you mobility, flexibility, and versatility that are a necessity in today's highly competitive market.