Better DS3 is another alternative to the motioninjoy DS3 tool to use your playstation 3 pad with your PC. This is much better than the DS3 tool although it still uses the motioninjoy drivers. Check out the video on how to set up Better DS3

PS3 controller 64-bit drivers:
PS3 controller 32-bit drivers:

Wiltshires video on background info & using Better DS3:

Note: When you install the drivers for a bluetooth device, the controller has exclusive access to it. You can't use the BT device for anything else until you uninstall the drivers.

Tip: If the Driver Tab is grayed out, just click the Change Settings button. That will allow you to edit the tab. Your security is causing it to be grayed out.
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This is a very well designed alternative to the DS3 Tool. Better DS3 has the same capabilities as the DS3 Tool except it does not have Ads and can be used offline.

If you wish to use this safer alternative the website link is down below:

MotioninJoy Version 0.7.1001 drivers are required for BetterDS3 to work. If you do not have this specific version there is a download mirror below. I have mirrored it in case the site ever goes down and you cannot get the needed version.

If like me you have had enough of the motioninjoy buggy software then this is for you. Hope you find it useful