Hanuman Tribe's most complex musical work: "CHANGE OF SOUND" debut album OUT NOW.

For 5 years HANUMANT TRIBE have been a live act in the club scene and working for labels like Freakz Me Out, Mähtrasher, Techno Changed My Life or Ayra, and with support from artists like Cyberpunkers, Mustard Pimp, Modek, Far Too Loud, Reid Speed, F.O.O.L or John Roman. So it was time for them to draw up their full artistic abilities for their debut album: Their focus has been on the impact of sound so far, but now the brothers have taken their music a step further. They have created a deep musical journey with exciting moments, stimulating pearls of techno and forceful waves of sound.

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Hanuman Tribe:
"We have gone through a lot of stages in our time as producers and as live performers. As a result there are many ways we reflect on things and interpret them in a musical context - stylistically, technically and personally. We wanted to capture that in our first album. We've always loved the concentrated energy in clubs: The build up of emotions between us as a band and the audience that lead to an explosive craze. Nevertheless we always look for the experimental spaces and the quiet and penetrative moments where we could live out our love for details. So this album combines opposites, which become a harmonious unit."