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ROI is a set of services inspired by the day-to-day quests of many businesses, how to track, manage leads and close deals quickly. Dba TrackMyROI, VIP Discount Inc., has started offering ROI services since 2005. Since then, we have grown with staff in 5 different countries, dedicated to service the American market.
By giving businesses the ability to do lead tracking at their fingertips, ROI allow sales people to manage prospects, follow them up with frequent communications, and make deal with information at hand. We also allow business owner to allocate their advertising budget effectively.
Recently, there are more evidence of the growing needs for ROI, which comes from car manufactures, dealers and marketing agencies. This encourages us to keep improving our services and add in new and helpful features to bring all parties both convenience and efficiency with ROI.
With many years of experiences and a body of professional specialists, our services are equipped with latest technologies that will bring you the best results possible.
Our services include:
Service Dedication
We believe that your success is also ours. Besides providing indispensable service, we try our best to serve you 24/7 by having a team of dedicated Customer Care reps and engineers attending to your enquiries at any time.

Strong Focus on Technology
One of our engineers team’s mission is to pioneer in term of new technology application. You can always be sure that you are having a cutting edge when using our services.
Our facilities are redundant at multiple world class telecommunication locations. Our proprietary software allows real-time failover that will ensure the availability and security of your data.
Mobility in Style
Who says work is boring? We believe work is fun and it should be that way. We always look after users’ convenience and life style when they use the system. We aim to make our service available to you even when you are on the road to work, in the parking lot with clients, or playing golf with prospects.
Our experience shows that we are an indispensable part of business process. We aim to integrate all components that affect your advertising into our system and help you manage those components most effectively.
Using TrackMyROI, your prospects will be issued web addresses that are personal using the suffix you would like to, short, easy to use, and simple to remember. PURL can be used together with online Survey to capture the most information for advertising or quality survey campaigns.


Works with all advertising types
Unlike other tracking services, our TrackMyROI system works with all types advertising. Whether you are doing Direct Mail, radio, TV, bill board, and walk-in traffic or whatever, TrackMyROI nicely fulfills your needs.
One snapshot Lead Tracking
“Where the hell is that piece of information I saw yesterday?” Questions like this are more likely to be uttered when using interfaces that need a lot of navigation and memory. With TrackMyROI all is at your sight. All and everything is on the same page, with simple, visual, and usable design. It is where information is really a click away.

Telephony IVR an Irreplaceable component of Lead Tracking
TrackMyROI is Telephony IVR integrates. The IVR allow the system to capture all leads. Our Telephony IVR system gives business the capacity and flexibility to adjusts the way the system handles responding prospects, in real-time!
The system is also equipped with latest Text-to-Speech and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technologies, bringing the most comfortable on-phone experience to your customers.
Detailed Reporting
One of TrackMyROI’s powerful functions is an easy-to-understand and consolidated web report. In a few clicks, executives can have an overview of their advertising performance available, with all the information tailored to meet special and unique needs.
Not only do we generate reports for each individual campaign, we also provide comparisons between performances of different campaigns. By finding out the way to outperform competitors, you are likely to make a difference to your ads.
If you are sick of figures, TrackMyROI’s Goggle Map integration is a good function to both wind down and still get the information you need about lead response, locations of mail drops , billboards and so on.
Logging of changes on campaigns
Businesses can use TrackMyROI system as your Ad Management portal. It keeps track of all changes, when they happened and who made the changes to support your management and decision making. All management information is now at your fingertips.
Online storage of all ad campaigns for future reference
TrackMyROI stores all information of your past campaigns. This is a valuable source from which experiences and lessons could be drawn. At anytime, you can access the data to see what you did well and not so well to improve your next campaign.
Salespeople management
TrackMyROI does not only track advertising responses but also help you manage salespeople’s performance. By managing distribution of leads to each individual salesperson, managers can monitor and rate each salesperson.

Problem finding with easy recording access
All lead calls are recorded automatically by our TrackMyROI system. Call recordings can be accessed at anytime via a web interface. This enables executives to identify issues relating to their campaigns and sales staff.
Consequently, businesses could providing training towards sales staff’s specific weaknesses. Managers could also adjust strategies based on customers’ comments.
Pre-mailing data screening
Sending the right information to the right targets is important. Pre-mailing data screening allows you to pick just the most potential mailing lists, which are presented on a graphical map. That’s what worth spending money and efforts on.
Data Deduping
We can also de-duplicate your new data with your past data to make sure every mail you send out is to a new potential prospect, not a duplicated one.
Besides lead tracking, ROI offers Survey function especially for industries in which customers needs and trends are constantly changing. When customers call in or visit the PURL website, businesses can add an extra component in the process to conduct a phone or web survey. Results and reports could be accessed at anytime just like other ROI Lead Tracking features.
An issue in all survey is accuracy and objectivity. Businesses won’t have to worry about this with ROI survey. Customers are free to call ROI at their will, conveniently at home or wherever they see the advertisement and the toll-free number. This makes sure that the information provided is as objective as possible.
Communication in Real-time
We understand how critical time is to your business in today competitive market. Our system’s aim is to respond fast and to act as a seamlessly integrated component to your business. We transfer customer live calls, send faxes, emails, and text messages to your phone the minute customers hang up. We cover all of your communication angles to make sure you are on top of your business.
Smart Phone Support
We currently support BlackBerry, Windows Mobile phone (Motorola Q, Samsung BlackJack, etc.), and other web-enabled phones. Imagine that you and your sales people can run the business from a cellular phone! Save space previously used for desktops and have a professional style with TrackMyROI.
Don’t just manage your business, manage in style.
We are compatible in sending lead information to many other leading CRM providers such as Reynolds & Reynolds, Promax, DealerSpace, and HighGear. Our system is capable of sending lead information from other systems using XML format standard.
As ROI plays an increasingly important role of every advertising campaigns, we want to bring it to another level that facilitates and empowers dealers, agencies, vendors and customers to work together to produce best result possible.
ROI Market Place coordinates communications to minimize errors and improve integrity of advertising campaigns.
In ROI Market Place, agencies have more choices to Vendors’ ideas and hooks and new mails designs availability. At the same time, vendors are now exposed to many new advertising agencies. Their ideas and services quality can be appreciated by many agencies and improved with practical inputs & feedbacks.
With ROI Market Place, dealers are enabled to involve more in mail design selection and verbiage customization. They can also track progress of their advertising campaigns at anytime via the web with detail information. There is no need to call their agencies every time they need to know what’s up.
Rating is a feature newly introduced in ROI Market Place. Dealers can rate and give feedbacks about the mail program they purchase.
In addition, ROI Market Place offers optional coordination services that help agencies to ensure all steps of the campaigns are checked and on point.
With many years of experience in advertising, we want to extend our services to advertising consultation. We have seen many advertising designs, heard many feedbacks & inputs, and measured performances of many campaigns. Thanks to that, we are up-to-date and aware of market trends as well as consumer behaviors.
We can work with you in all phases from concept to design and production of your advertising piece.
VIP Discounts unifies customers to form a community whose aggregate purchase power is strong enough to induce sellers and service providers to offer better price. For the sake of our members, we selectively invite high quality and well-known businesses to give our members the best benefits.
Our mission is to present a wide range of attractive choices, from which members could purchase products and services that meet their needs. All at unbeatable price!

CallAgent360 is to set up to meet the growing demands of globalized businesses. Since we are working in every corner of the world, we aim to keep our businesses running 24/7. As an attempt to achieve this goal, we are building up Call Centers with agent systems made up with people living in all time zones.
Understanding needs of dealers in maximizing returns of advertising dollars, we are going to introduce Instant BDC service, an efficient way for Lead Following up Lead Nurturing. With ROI Instant BDC, dealers will have more dialogs exchanged with prospects at fraction of tradition in-house costs. ROI Instant BDC covers all means of communication from Phone, Fax, E-mail to SMS Texting tailoring the messages to business’ needs.