Following our last two Breaks/Electro House crossover tracks from the J*O*K*R boys Salad Shaker & Dr.Oetker, We bring you the 3rd and final Dusted installment in the musical love affair with these very talented producers from the South of England.

'On Point' fuses a heavy mixture of Broken Electro Fidget House, with that killa trademark J*O*K*R bassline wobble! It then teases and tantilizes the floor with a very dubstep influenced break and strong vocal stab that lingers throughout! This has so far seen full support from the likes of KICKFLIP & MAELSTROM

MYAGI'S REMIX falls into the deeper realms of Breakbeat, but keeps a funky edge to it. That, mixed with the shear fatness and great use of synths, Makes this is a must for the peak time! This remix followed Myagi out to Oz for his recent tour and won the support of several big name DJ's, including two legend's in the world of Electronic Dance Music!

Myagi Remix Is Slammin!! - (Lee Coombs - lot49)

Really like the Myagi Remix of On Point. Big Room Breaks action for sure! - (Scott - The Crystal Method)

JAY STEWART'S REMIX Starts off with with some wicked percussion and builds into a rolling Funked up monster of a track! It is arguably even deeper that the myagi remix in places and is definitely something a little different from the man they call 'Refunk'

Notable support comes from the likes of Jimmy Mofo - The Beat Asassins, D*funk & Far Too Loud

JOEBOT takes a heavy influence from Dubstep, but always keeps true to his Breakbeat roots for this remix! Everything runs along nice and smooth and then BOOOM!! A bassline that would make even the strongest of men lose control of their bowels!! This track is dancefloor friendly to say the least and it is strongly advised to keep it very loud in the club! Support coming from Mobius, Duane Barry and The Wrongstar Society

UDY is a local DJ/producer from Portsmouth, UK (Home town of Dusted Breaks) and is quickly establishing himself as a very decent House producer indeed! This remix is in the form of Electro House but keeps the crossover going nicely, just like the original, But with its punchy kicks and dirty ass basslines, This will surely destroy all dancefloors in its path!! This paticular remix has gone through the roof for us, in terms of DJ Support. This has the full support of AQUASKY, HEXADECIMAL, RICHIE BALBOA and along with the Jay Stewart remix, Gets the thumbs from FAR TOO LOUD

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