signed up a few weeks back and found some pretty cool stuff, nice forum, ive been doing studio mixes on youtube (video & audio) for my monthly mix and putting it up, although i am getting a few problems with labels trying to take it down etc, which is a shame based on the fact the music is there to be played/mixed etc. so decided its not worth the agro, although i have come up with something that will allow me to play good music and record it and upload to youtube and that is unsigned tracks, im looking for anyone who is producing music to send me their music, and i will be putting it into a monthly unsigned mixtape which will be uploaded onto youtube, mixcloud etc, i feel its a good platform for new or unsigned artists to get there music heard (if they're not already) and also enables us all to explore new music etc, with enough support from anyone involved, im sure we will be able to receive a good amount of hits and get to hear our own and others music the way they intend. in future it would also be cool to set up some guest mixes and stuff like that, its just a basic idea at the moment but if your interested in getting involved and willing to send me some of your tracks, please email or hit me up on my social media, chemixmusic

youtube channel: