HANUMAN TRIBE Debut Album & Video:


"We have worked very hard and finished our album, created a beautiful artwork, and shot a stunning music video.
We can't wait to release all the sonic & visual pleasure.

To be able to cut and finalize the video, plus send the 12 tracks to mastering, to make CDs, and a Vinyl Single,
WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. And in contrast to the complex project of our own, helping us is really simple:
Just PRE-ORDER your pick of stuff on our Kickstarter page, and make this project happen.


Listen to the ALBUM SNIPPET &
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Hanuman Tribe - Change Of Sound by Hanuman Tribe — Kickstarter


After forming five years ago as Hanuman Tribe, we are releasing our debut album in July 2013. The title 'Change Of Sound' is symptomatic for our musical heritage.

On the first Album we will tell the story of our musical journey from Breaks & Bass music to powerful Rave-anthems and deep, mystical Techno tracks. This contrasting blend is never arbitrary. On the contrary weaving our love for controversy into an articulate frame and thereby we set a statement for our artistic drive: diversity & contrast.

We love producing a massive sound on a high artistic level, and playing live and partying with the audience and going nuts on stage. We love deep vibes, spine tingling moments, stimulating pearls of techno, and forceful waves of synths and basses, all combined in tracks which are melodious and pounding at the same time.

So our approach to realize all these aspects and feelings was, to compose re-interpreted pieces from musicians within our circles. Therefore we choose beautiful songs from their projects, selected single elements - most times the vocals - and built a CHANGE OF SOUND by creating new compositions, arrangements and vibes.
The album contains two original tracks and is otherwise exclusively made up of remixes done by us, taking the sound of our music mates into our labs for a sonic change. These friends include the likes of: The Sexinvaders, King The Fu, Schluck Den Druck, Rhytm Police, Misuk, On The Offshore, Blindspot, Dub Á La Pub, Danijel Zambo, Eva Gold, and our house music alias Moment Musik.