Balkan Connection Records proudly presents Remix Edition of one of the most beautiful tracks from Ewan Rill. For the remixes we have well known G 'N' P Tauro who delivers two remix versions of the track, and currently some of the finest progressive producers on our label roster, with very promising feature ahead, Vlada D'Shake and Uvo!


01) Ewan Rill - Lazur (G 'N' P Tauro Remix)
02) Ewan Rill - Lazur (Vlada D'Shake Remix)
03) Ewan Rill - Lazur (Uvo's Reinterpretation)
04) Ewan Rill - Lazur (G 'N' P Tauro Deep Remix)
05) Ewan Rill - Lazur (Original Mix)

Release Date: May 02 2013 exclusively at Beatport!!!

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Ewan Rill - Lazur (Remix Edition) // Balkan Connection - YouTube

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