Back after a brief intermission Able Danger return to your stores with another installment of trademark high energy, Tech step flavour for your Ear drums.* Following on from the success of their last EP titled ‘Grunge’, Able Danger bring you the ‘Danger Room’ EP featuring 6 brand new tracks crammed full of super high quality production for your listening pleasure.
First up is the introduction to the EP, a track called ‘Cognition’.* A highly charged Techstep roller, super crisp Drums, some juicy pitched bent, Ear splitting Synths all sit upon a bed of deep, chest pounding sub bass.
Next up the title track, ‘Danger Room’ and this one certainly lives up to its title attacking you from all sides with some cutting edge, contemporary* Synth work, hard as nails Kicks and Snares all washed down with a nasty Special Ed vocal sample, this one will certainly ‘slap ya round’.
‘Generation RX’ is up next, this one has all the flow and vibe of an early Virus release.* A dramatic workout filled with crazy Synth sounds and fast tempo delivery.
For those who remember Able Danger’s recent collaboration with Torment ‘The Choice’ on Vampire Records you know what to expect with their next instalment.* ‘Democide’ is a deceptive title but expect all the usual goodness here.* Dreamy Pianos and Strings set the mood alongside some devastatingly good sub bass.
‘The Rubicon’ is quite literally crossed with the next track.* All the trademark Able Danger sounds appear here but at 140bpm.* The first of many Dubstep releases be sure to check this one out, it’s mighty and meaty!
Last but by no means least we have extended family member, Constance’s delicious rework of ‘Exile’ which appeared on the ‘Grunge’ EP.* Here it gets a complete overhaul and what a cracking slice of dance floor action this one is.* This will certainly leave the listener wanting more!
We believe this is Able Danger’s best work to date, for producers who have only been around for a few years we have to say this is their ‘coming of age’ or ‘maturity’ moment.* Simply dope!* A must have for anyone with taste.* Watch this space..
Available now through all the usual outlets via ST Holdings.

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