Hardisco is a label stationed in Serbia, which basicly is still fresh as it exist for year and a half now. The word Hardisco doesen't stand for some genre rather it's primary a concept of a party where you can hear various sounds from Daft Punk to Gessafelstein, from Kavinsky to Zombie Nation, from Sebastien Tellier, Breakbot to Tiga, Miss Kittin...etc. although the label releases have simillar story as well, from Disco, Nu Disco to House, Acid and Techno.

At the moment we have two releases out and by end of April we'll be putting a new release done by the resident of the label Malkin Fritz and French vocalist Miss Wonder, called The Run EP.

Here you can watch the video of the Original Mix:

As well you can hear the release Teaser on our Soundcloud page:

Hope you'll enjoy!
Hugs from Serbia

Hardisco Records