Dub-All Or Nothing with Coki, Bar9, Hatcha, Reso, Tut Tut Child

Saturday 20th April / Cable, London / 22.00-06.00

Coki, Bar9, Hatcha, Reso, Tut Tut Child, Senzer, Mowbz, Skit, Enme, Hassassin, Spydaa + more

Dub All Or Nothing are back, as Cable’s longstanding aficionados of dubstep prepare for their first ever Saturday slot. Having become renowned for promoting the heaviest underground artists in the game, we thought it only fair that they should make the jump. April’s line-up is the same as you should always expect from Dub all – a selection of pioneers, mixed with the best in new talent.

Hatcha’s home in Croydon is where it all started – dubstep – where he absorbed more than most, engraining himself deep into the psyche of the producers around him – spending his days rolling in and out of record shops, his nights spent deep in the confines of his bedroom preparing for his next set. Having helped bring the genre to light, Hatcha’s foundation at Big Apple Records made him the first to play the early Skream and Benga dubplates which formed the scene and helped him rule the floor at FWD. Be prepared for a taste of the old school and new school on the 20th.

Coki, one half of the Digital Mystkiz crew alongside Mala, reined South Norwood as a kid – but as he matured, and came of age, it was his DMZ project that took him to real acclaim. DMZ acted as one of the first nights to solidly promote dubstep – quickly gathering a hype that spread across the whole of the UK. As a master of new production techniques, it’s Coki’s blueprint sound - that raw and distorted bass wobble - that inspires the US dubstep giants of today.

While Bar 9 might not be a Croydon boy, the Bristol based producer kept frenzy up in his hometown, away from the lights of Croydon. Having built his rep through constant touring, Bar 9 has made himself the staple of any dubstep night worth it’s own name.

Joining them, we’ve got Reso – dubstep’s most forward thinking producer to date. Combining the sounds of jazz, soul, funk and groove into his tunes, it’s rhythm where Reso’s head is set. Bluring the line between what we know to expect from dubstep nights, he’s a true talent, and stands proudly alongside Tut Tut Child, Senzer, Mowbz, and more on the lineup for April 20th’s Dub All.

Get bouncing.

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